Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Terry Jones, Banned in Dearborn?

Terry Jones, the guy in Florida who burnt a Qur'an, is back in the news, this time because he and his mates are going to hold a rally in Dearborn, Michigan.

Or are they? Is that still allowed in America? He's a Christian, after all, and Dearborn is basically a Muslim city, like it or not. It means that Muslims might well turn to violence against an American citizen who demonstrates against them in public. Muslims might kill Jones and those who attend a rally with him. Solution? Ban Jones et al from demonstrating. We call it the rule of law.

Prosecutors Seek to Stop Rally Outside Dearborn Mosque by Florida Pastor

Concerned about a potential outbreak of violence, Wayne County prosecutors have filed a complaint in court that seeks to compel Florida pastor Terry Jones — who oversaw the burning of a Quran last month — not to rally outside an Islamic center in Dearborn this week.

Jones told the Free Press he intends to come to Dearborn this Friday with others to protest against sharia and jihad, Islamic ideas that he said threaten the U.S.

But Dearborn police and Wayne County prosecutors are trying to convince him that showing up at the Islamic Center of America would endanger his life and public peace. In the court filing, prosecutors and Dearborn police note that Jones has received numerous death threats and a $1.2 million bounty on his head by leaders of Jamaat-ud Dawa, a cover organization for the Pakistan-based terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Tayyiba.

Filed Friday in 19th district court in Dearborn, prosecutors say that if Jones shows up outside the center, “the greatest danger is the likelihood of a riot ensuing complete with the discharge of firearms.”

The court action, considered rare, is called in the filing a “verified complaint to institute proceedings to prevent crime.”

Dearborn and Wayne County authorities also note that Friday happens to be Good Friday and that the Islamic Center is next to several churches. And so if Jones and his followers were to protest, they argue, it could create enormous problems for Christian worshippers to enter and leave the churches for Good Friday services.

A spokesperson for Terry Jones was not immediately available to comment today, but Jones has told the Free Press he wants to come to Dearborn to help preserve the U.S. Constitution and ensure that Islam does not dominate non-Muslims.

Also today, a group of religious leaders, Christian and Muslim, gathered at Greater Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Detroit, to ask Jones not to visit Dearborn.

“He’s an impostor of the Christian religion,” said Rev. Charles E. Williams, pastor of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit.


More here on Detroit, leading city in the late great state of Michigan:


It's the world of Obama in the flesh. Here's the musical version from-- Gasp!-- over 40 years ago.

As I recall, this video is from the Sixties.



CGW said...

What happened to freedom of assembly? If the KKK can do it, why not Jones?

Dag said...

Muslims get away with murder.

Amy said...

"Jones could be arrested if he goes ahead with the protest outside the mosque without a permit, said city spokeswoman Mary Laundroche. She added that the permit had been denied for "public safety reasons."
In the three-page letter released to the media, O'Reilly (Dearborn Mayor) urged Jones to conduct his demonstration at one of the city's "free speech zones."
==> What? Free Speech zones? This should deeply disturb us!

Dag said...

Thanks for the input, Amy.

I recall when all of America was a free speech zone. It was part of the whole point of our nation. The Constitution guaranteed our free speech. It must have changed since I've been away.

I hope Jones goes through with his planned protest, whether he is arrested or not. That in itself is likely to be a pretty bad thing for the man, but Christians have faced far worse and come out the better for it, even, so they say, when Christians ended up dead. That would be a matter of faith, and I won't soon find myself standing with the good pastor on those grounds. Still, I support him in his own march, and I, for whatever it's worth, applaud him.

CGW said...

I believe he's going to protest on public property across from private property. Certainly that qualifies as a "free-speech zone".

Dag said...

Unfortunately, as we know, Dearborn is not a real part of American any more but is part of Dar al Islam. We need permission from the ummah there to speak.

CGW said...

Permission my ass!

Dag said...

Too true. I hope and expect Jones et al to be out on the green no matter what the Muslims and their dhimmi enablers say about it. Jones et al might have to go to gaol, but such is a price to pay for freedom sometimes. The price to pay for slavery is far higher.