Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Rudolph Bahro, Building the Green Movement

This day I am reading Rudolph Bahro, Building the Green Movement. There is no publisher's blurb at any of the links, and no reviews to snip. Bahro is already more or less forgotten. This is the second book I'll have read by him, the first being a series of interviews that revealed him as a nuisance to his DDR fellows who felt it would be better to dump him on the FDR than to keep him in prison. I think, in fact, that the DDR imprisoned him only to raise his profile to make him more desirable as a dissident for the FDR. But, as one sees in the interviews, his fellow Communists in the West were increasingly turned off by his focus on Ecology, and eventually, as this book shows, his fellow ecologists were turned off my his religious fanaticism.

I've written about Bahro here a number of times, and one will find some excellent work concerning Bahro, a "Fundie," by "Realos" under Janet Biehl (1953 - ) and Peter Staudenmaier (n.d.). For those interested, please do a search of the archives here. I'll leave some brief comments later in the evening, I hope.

For those who obviously don't get it, the connection between Islam and Ecology is the dhimmitude and philobarbarism. More on that, as with most posts, in up-coming entries.


Dag said...

I expected to have something more to post on Bahro, Building the Green Revolution than in fact I do.

I was quietly sitting at the diner reading page one of my book and just as quietly writing close to 2,000 words of commentary on those four paragraphs when someone sitting directly behind me made a loud and crude whistle at someone I didn't look up to see. Then came some even cruder growls and snorts. It kind of put me off my reading for a moment. But I am not to be deterred from knowing what I will about Bahro and his idea of a "Green Hitler." Even so, I do have my limits, such as being sprayed with soda and splashed with blood as the fellow behind me was beaten by a guy with a 2X4. Seems the lady whistled at has a boyfriend who found out and didn't like it.

On the bright side, and thankfully there is one or the evening would have been unpleasant, the guy who was beaten dropped a dollar on the floor. I took it. If there's no money in violence, I'm against it.

More on Bahro tomorrow when I have cleaned my jacket off and gotten to page two of this stuff.

CGW said...

I guess violence isn't as profitable as it used to be.

Dag said...

I am firm believer in making a profit from violence. If it's just for the sake of the good, that's all fine, but how long can one do that without making money to support oneself and others? And more, if one uses ones own money to finance the good fight, then it means draining ones own while allowing the enemy to prosper.

In short, I think if we are going to attack a Muslim nation we should do so for profit, to enrich ourselves rather than to impoverish ourselves; that we should impoverish our enemies as part of our assault on our enemies; and that it is just a good thing to make money from ones good efforts, to be rewarded for work.

As far as only making a dollar from my own experience, you're right. I am way too cheap. My price is going up. Next time someone bleeds on my jacket I'm holding out for more money.