Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Terror Manqués.

This is the concluding line from a Palestine propaganda blog:

"All over the world, political organisations, religious and spiritual communities, human rights organisations, peace groups, and millions of citizens are laying the groundwork for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples to “cross the bridge” and at last co-exist in peace."

I've cut much of this for the sake of brevity. The whole of it is at the link below. It's the usual crap about peace and love (and, implicitly, kill the Jooos.) The so-called flotilla of dhimmis will carry some pretty dense folks this time round. One might even assume its human cargo to comprise nothing but yabbits, i.e. those who claim the Palestinians killed a vicious Italian dhimmi, 'yeah, but....'

Well, not rabbits, maybe terror Manques.

Jamie Glazov has a great piece that I insert here after the fact. Well worth reading:

The following stuff is what the dhimmis write.

New flotilla to challenge Israel’s blockade of Gaza

March 27, 2011 by occupiedpalestine

Sunday, March 27, 2011 Green Left Weekly
by Adam Haddad


The courageous participants in the June 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla turned the world’s attention to the plight of the Palestinian people. Yet Israel continues to defy international law, and thus the campaign to end the blockade of Gaza continues.

Responding to widespread international outrage at the attack on the freedom Flotilla, Israel announced an easing of its illegal blockade, intending to deflect criticism from its inhumane and illegal policies.

However, Israel still prohibits most building materials, medicines, food and other vital supplies from entering Gaza. No significant economic activity is possible because exports are prohibited and the movement of people is severely restricted.

To end Israel’s blockade, the international Gaza Freedom Flotilla Steering Committee, representing more than 10 countries, is preparing to sail for Gaza again in May 2011.

The Australian Gaza flotilla organisation is coordinating with a Canadian contingent to jointly buy, fit-out and crew a ship. To achieve this, more than $50,000 is needed. So far nearly $30,000 dollars has been raised.

All money will go towards the purchase of a boat, fuel and equipment and vital supplies for Gaza. The 100 crewmembers will pay their own costs.

Humanitarian aid is desperately needed — and the flotilla will be carrying humanitarian aid supplies. But its main aim is to challenge the blockade, in order to open Gaza’s borders and give the people greater control and dignity in their everyday lives.

The Palestine solidarity movement has called for larger flotillas to continue until the blockade of Gaza ends.

Governments have failed to hold Israel to account for its defiance of international law. Therefore we the people must step up our action through increased international solidarity.

Looking for fun and adventure and a sense of importance to fill empty minds and worthless lives. Manque. Terror manques.

If they're looking for a place to hang out and talk tough, to sit and pose and be "revolutionaries," yeah, I have something just right for such people. It comes with duct tape and a rusty spoon. Rumour has it I'll even toss in a free box of salt.

Wait a minute. I thought I'm a nice guy. Silly me. This is my surprised look.



CGW said...

Blow the damned dhimmis out of the water! We WANT the Palis to go hungry (fat chance) and die. Short of that, we want them to suffer as much as possible.(Then die.)

Dag said...

I'm very pleased with my new phrase, "Terror Manques." It sums up the losers in life who flock to the losers of the world to make a final fling at meaning, if only to die and be eternal laughing-stocks.