Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Georgia Voters Tip Over; Guam Remains Stable

Hank Johnson, for those who don't know, don't recall, or just don't believe it, has won re-election in Georgia. This is the guy who worried that if a few thousand more American military members went to the island of Guam, the island would tip over. He's a Democrat. He was re-elected. I kid you no.

For those who think I made it up, please look at the You Tube video above. Here's a bit of the election story, which shows that some Georgia voters are at least as brain-dead as California's voting majority, which is some achievement.

The Republican sacrificial lamb went down in flames against Hank Johnson. I will admit, I was not surprised by the Johnson victory. After all this is an overwhelmingly democratic district. What was surprising was that Liz Carter did not get a higher percentage of votes. Historically, Republicans have gotten about a third of the vote. Carter got only 25 percent. She lost all three counties, but kept it close in Rockdale and Gwinnett. In GWX she won 43 percent and I Rockdale she won 47 percent. It was DeKalb that cost her big time. DeKalb was won by Johnson 79 percent to 20 percent. That is a pure rejection by DeKalb voters of the Republican candidate. I cannot wait to see actual precinct numbers. Carter showed her face at events in South DeKalb more than Johnson, so I would like to see how bad she actually did in southern precincts. These numbers confirm to me that no Republican no matter how moderate can win in the fourth short of redistricting which is coming soon.

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