Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Brighter Future

The election results are looking good from here, the wrong side of the border of the far left coast, but the results are still spotty, so I won't be sure enough till tomorrow to know exactly how I feel about this. I'm optimistic.

Results seem to show that California is electing the worst gang of lunatics and old hippies it can find, e.g. Jerry Brown for governor. I see this as good news. California's population is dwindling in almost exact proportion to the increase in population of Texas. It means that, as California sinks further into bankruptcy and is further swamped with illegal immigrants and criminals of a higher degree, and as California is ruined even more by government employee unions, that the wealthy and job-creating classes and individuals are sickening of it and are leaving, allowing the Left to become the greater force all the time. With the system as it is now in California, there is little a Republican governor could do to make a significant good difference. We will very likely see California as a state go effectively bankrupt in the next two years, and then there will be the Democrats obviously holding the bag. Californians will obviously, even to themselves, have screwed themselves to ruin. There won't be anyone to blame but themselves.

Democrats are picking up some big wins in New York state, and the same scenario holds there: financial ruin and Democrats in power making it worse. As Texas is a reverse image of California, so is New Jersey to New York. Normal people lost in California and New York, and they are leaving for better places to let the rot deepen without them. Those who leave strengthen strong states like Texas and Florida, and they leave behind the rot of the Left. I think it's to the good that Republicans are losing California and New York.

So too with the Senate: It looks that the Republicans are not taking a majority. I'm relieved at that. It means that the Democrats will have the Executive and the Senate, and that with that kind of power they can still do pretty much as they please to the nation. Yes, Republicans will have a large number of governors and the House, and to an extent we have the Supreme Court while the Democrats have the Appeals Courts. I see the results tonight as something like 60/40 in favour of the Democrats, but in places where the social rot is worse than elsewhere, where it will be obviously Democrat-made, and in contrast to Republican success stories. Republicans will have less, but it will be healthy, and the Democrats will have more, but most of it completely rotten. I see this as a success.

The line is drawn now between the Left states and the Right. We have a couple of years to prove by deeds what works and who is shit. I'm counting on the Republicans to show us the good and the Democrats to destroy the states they rule. Republican have two years to organise and learn and recruit new faces. The Democrats have nothing but the next two years of old hacks to re-present to the public. I can't see Harry Reid looking any better in two years than that thieving vote-stealer does today.

I'm excited about our future this evening. We have two years to grow and become strong enough to make a real and crushing defeat of the totally rotten Democrats come next election. We have two years to weed out rotten Republicans, and we have these two years to learn about what it is that America should be, has been, and will become again. Ours is not supposed to be a nation of hippies. All the bad shit that happens in the coming two years will be on the shoulders of the Democrats. They're the ones with the political power right now, even if they work with the Republicans. Democrats have to take responsibility for what goes wrong. I'm thinking that will be a lot in Democrat ruled states and overseas from our Muslim cousins. It should piss off the average person intensely to see the Democrats make further ruin in the nation. In that time we'll have time to learn and grow.

I'm not advocating the Republican Party. I've never voted Republican in my life, and I am amazed that I write anything good about that party. If they become a new party in the coming two years and retain the traditional name, I'm registering Republican with pride.I'll sleep tonight with a smile on my face and I'll have good dreams. Tomorrow is a new day and will last for a couple of years that I look forward to.


truepeers said...

I'm glad to see you optimistic even if I can't help but feel the criminal Democrats didn't fully get what they deserved. Reid, Pelosi? A lot of Americans are insane... (as are the people who vote for my MP!)

I think you're right to suggest that things are polarizing; but did you also say something about the two parties possibly working together? Can't see that happening much in the reign of Obama. The Republicans have to have the courage to keep pushing hard as this is a game to rewrite the party system; and hence the parties can't expect to both stay around in future.

Not sure many politicians well understand the nature of the economic crisis - a nation carrying far more debt than it can service (it's not just a question of government spending...) HOw many of the new Republicans will have the courage to welcome the big short term pain that would come from letting bankrupt banks go under?

Steve Miller, Writer of Stuff said...

Between re-electing Barbara Boxer and electing Jerry Brown as their governor, I can only see California get worse.

Sadly, that means more of them are going to move north to Washington State and ensure that no matter what, I'll always be in "Baghdad Jim" McDermott's district... because those damn Californians SEE what their politics do, and rather than change, they just go somewhere else and screw that up too. :)

I ALMOST posted a celebratory post, but decided to hold off as well, to see what is there when all the numbers are in.

Dag said...

I don't think I wrote about the Republicans and Democrats working together. If so, I must have been sleep deprived. My main joy in this outcome is its polarizing effect, the setting up of two distinct camps of winners and losers, to be shown by their works at the state level within a few years, i.e. by the time of our federal election. That's why I'm not too upset that the Democrats didn't get the punishment they so rightly deserve. They will remain in place to shock and horrify the public generally.

I am concerned that there might still be enough leftover jolt in the wire for the Democrats to do something so terrible to the nation that we will honestly suffer for the duration from it. They might, for example, have power enough to cause a war in the Middle East that can otherwise be prevented by some show of force. A war is going beyond my hopes of a negative example.

So too is an economic melt-down, which is possible. I remember McGovern being so poorly received by the voters that he couldn't even take his own state, and lost all the others as well, except, maybe Washington, D.C. and perhaps Puerto Rico. That was a time when voters were still attached to the land and the reality if demands. Then came Carter, and the people were still solid enough to rid us of him after a term. But now, with Obama, we have such a decadent population there might not be strength in the nation over all to save us from the worse. I can't look ahead a generation to see what the next version of Eugene McCarthy, Lynodn Johnson, George McGovern, Obama will bring. Obama might destroy things on a vaster scale than Carter, but what comes next will likely be past my best before date. All I can look forward to in my lifetime now is a restoration akin to Reagan. I am hopeful. But there has to be something left of our nation to restore. Our economy might be destroyed. We will probably recover anyway. But that would mean a true "fighting in the streets" civil war in which masses of Americans go to Canada again. I think we must be physically rid of hippies, whether they go to Europe or whether they embrace American Exceptionalism. If the latter, I think it means an acceptance and full love, a passion, for Manifest Destiny. It has to happen within our own borders though. The rest of the world will have to colonise itself. I think that's a good possibility, and then the world can become "America in the mind." That won't happen with Americans like Obama denigrating our nation from the top down. It will come from Americans lauding the nation from the bottom up, as Palin does.

I don't know if Palin can make a good impression on enough Americans to win an election. She is "American" in the way Americans use to be generally, even those Democrats like Henry Jackson, sen. from Washington state. Democrats weren't always evil. We started out with Andrew Jackson!

But yes, I am worried about the economy and what the Democrats will do to our nation in the next two years. I think that many if not most Republican politicians will lapse into the same disgusting pattern of abuse they have. But we have an incipient movement today to show what can be done, "what is to be done." We have honest citizens realising that politics in a democracy is about honest citizens taking the lead in politics. That's what makes such an "ordinary" person as Palin so important to us. We do not need a religious fanatic with a Ph.D. like Woodrow Wilson to rule our nation, we need an honest American like Palin and Reagan to lead the nation of fellow Americans to live like honest Americans.

I here have great faith in our people and our nation, based on its enduring principles, those both being why our nation is so great and so potentially better.

Dag said...

Steve, I know that first hand, how Californians and others of the sort come to new towns and set themselves up as lords with better ideas of how the locals should live their lives, and that from people who fled their lives to join a new people. The came in droves to my home state and my home town, and they harped and nagged and fumed about us as hill-billies and shamed many and tormented the rest till eventually they turned my rustic and rough-hewn town into a boutique.

There's really nowhere else to go anymore. My home was a refuge over a hundred years ago for those fleeing carpet baggers in the South, refugees who wanted freedom from the occupation. Some went to British Honduras and British Guiana, some went north and made my town a boomtown of normal folk in a good place. Yes, it was poor, and yes, many of the residents were hill-billies, as it were, but they were independent and open people, in spite of the sneering one sees from elitists moving in from California, a place we used to refer to with horror, as if it were a freak show, which I think it is, even to this day.

But they will come, and they will likely be more than the last immigration, bringing with them even more of their ways that aren't welcome. The reality is that we can't be passive in the face of it. We have some values that we must defend if we care about ourselves and our nation. I think this time gives us a chance to show that our values are superior, and that the sneering is a rotten pose after all. We don't have to feel embarrassed about our backward ways. We can stand up for our values and point to the others as obvious failures. We can take pride in our ways and tell the others right out loud to go back where they came from if they don't like us as we are. We were timid in the face of the interlopers. We suffer today from it.

I love the word "palin." It means, in Greek, "return" in the sense of being the same front to back and back to front. Our return is to return to our original good. It's there, and we might have a harder time economically than we might have had without the hippies having wrecked our nation's economy, but we have the values in our hearts and minds that will save us in the long term. I am thrilled and more to see that now, at long last, the hippies will destroy themselves and leave us to ourselves to carry on as we began with the founding of our great nation.

God Bless America.