Wednesday, November 03, 2010

California Dreamin': Day of the Dead:

California has voted, and they decided, by a majority, to elect Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer, and Pete Stark, among other hippies, psychotics, morons, thugs, and even dead people.

Governor Moonbeam.

They did so just in time to celebrate The Day of the Dead.

Nancy Pelosi: "Are you joking?"

California will be dead, as an economy, in some short order, and we can all dance on the grave of the Democratic Party there. It's good for the whole world to see the eighth largest economy die from politics. It's a lesson we might all look at and learn from.

Barbara Boxer: Call her "Senator."

Pete Stark: "Who needs the Constitution. The government can do pretty much whatever it wants to."

If that's not enough, Californians even voted for a corpse on the Day of the Dead, (or so.)

Voters in Southern California would rather re-elect a dead woman than a Republican.

Democrat Jenny Oropeza swept a Southern California district in the race for Senate on Tuesday with 58% of the vote, but won’t be returning to office — she died of complications from a blood clot less than 2 weeks ago.

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Two short excerpts from a City Journal post:

Fred Siegel, "Indebted and Unrepentant: New York and California stand virtually alone against the rest of the country." 3 November 2010

While most of America turned toward the Republicans in this election, Democrats strengthened their hold on California and New York. In California, they won all the statewide offices and even made gains in the legislature, prompting the Orange County Register to describe the Republicans as having been reduced to “almost total irrelevancy in Sacramento.” In New York, Democrats similarly swept all the statewide offices and may have held on to the state senate, too, though three contests are still too close to call. Those three races are all that stand between New York’s GOP and a similar irrelevancy.


This sets up what could be an ugly fight in which a Tea Party–inflected national Republican Party, encouraged by its strength in the interior states, forces California and New York—now heavily dependent on federal subsidies—to reduce their spending sharply. The coastal giants would no doubt respond by threatening defaults, which could affect the credit standing of the entire country, since many of the bonds are held by foreign investors.

Some innocent folks will be burned in this coming conflagration, and that is too bad, of course, but there is no reward for innocence in this world.

It'll be a great place to rush to when the fire dies down. Lots to rebuild.

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