Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dems double down on dumb

Proof that the Democratic Party is filled with fantasists and fanatics:

Chris Bowers, "Progressives Caucus remains intact, becomes a plurality of House Dems," Daily Kos. 3 Nov 2010.

Due to extensive losses by conservative and moderate Democrats, another shift in power occurred in the House last night besides Republicans taking the majority. The Congressional Progressive Caucus has replaced the Blue Dogs and the New Democrats as the plurality ideological caucus among House Democrats. For the first time ever, the CPC is larger than Blue Dogs and New Dems combined.,-becomes-a-plurality-of-House-Dems

Only the worst of the worst of Democrats were sure of re-election in America yesterday. Today they stand ready to further destroy the party and the nation. Normal people dropped the Democrats and opted for others. Not the maniacs in the Democratic Party. They stuck with the losers, and the Democrat losers are the worst of the lot. They will destroy their own nests, and the losers will continue, no doubt, till they die in the streets of starvation. Or, more likely, they'll demand bail-outs or show up on your door-step.

A Kos comment?

"[A] certain segment of the population of this country is fucked up. But it's a BIG segment."

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