Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mohammed: Crack-smoking paedophile video

Get this while you can, cause free speech is so badly threatened in the West for trivial things that something like the video below is certainly going to cause a ruckus. Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur:


CGW said...

Same ending gesture to all mohammedans!

ardam said...

Check video of the actual Islamic stooge who threatened their lives:

Dag said...

The link didn't seem to take in the comment section, but I saw it; and I saw a young man who looks rather naive and childish.

I hate to think back to the things I did as a 20 year old, and I thank the gods there was no you tube to capture me at my worst. However, had I seen others doing some of the things I did, I might have learned from their bad examples that I wouldn't like to do the same. This kid will have a hard time for a long time, and maybe for all his life; but in that he might, for what it's worth to him, save other marginal kids from things as bad. Too bad for Chesser, but Life isn't really personal. Life itself doesn't care. He's just a hard lesson in the flesh, like drunk drivers smeared on a road.