Saturday, April 24, 2010

Power to the People

I love multi-national oil companies. I love them because I'm a huge fan of personal freedom, along with personal responsibility and personal achievement. It's about freedom, is the oil company, and that freedom is about energy. Without oil and the companies that produce so much of it for our world, we would soon, and perhaps within hours, be reduced to a state even a forest animal is not reduced to: we would have no power to feed ourselves, to move ourselves from home to plenty, and to move back again in security. Oil companies, gas stations, cars, trucks, aeroplanes, all the means of major transportation, they would all die on the roadside, leaving us to fend for our helpless selves. It's about energy, and that energy is the supplement of man, that energy that makes man the grateful heir to Prometheus.

Look for a moment at the size of our nation, of America. Look, if you will, at the size of the average city. Look even at the size of the walk from your home to the grocery store and the distance back. How would you, without petroleum, get from here to there and back again, with or without what you carry? Man's personal energy, his ability to move from here to there and back again, is limited to the strength of his body. Is yours capable of even getting to the store and back with food for you and your family? Without gas and oil, how would food get to to the store in the first place for you to buy it? No trucks, no roads, no distribution, no employees to make it possible for you to live. Energy, that which comes from gasoline, from oil, is power, a power no single man has enough of to make life as we live it today possible in any regard. It's about oil. It's Power to the People.

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