Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Russians love their children too, those few there are

Some broken English regarding a broken nation: Russia is dying on the vine, and the terrorist web site Kazkav notes it without more comment than what appear to be true facts. All the more disturbing for the dispassion.

The central core of what we refer to as Russia, the European part, is less than a thousand years old, and it was founded by Vikings. To an extent one can make a similar claim of England, in that we had the Viking invasions, and they stayed and blended nicely into the culture we today, or until recently, called our own. But Russian history is not European by a far sight. Russian history as connected to the West is one of competition, primarily beginning in the 19th century, with what we call The Great Game, the rivalry between Russian and the West for power and land in Asia, from Tibet to Turkey and beyond. Because of that rivalry between European powers we left the Great Game for the Cold War, Russians again becoming our natural enemies. Too bad, I think, because though Russians aren't Western in any real sense, they are "Us" in many significant ways we could like if only only. Now they are dying, and we lose not only a rival for power in the world, we lose a bulwark against other evils in our world, particularly Islam. There's nothing good in the destruction of Russia. Mostly it's a tragic thing to see a people die from apathy. Russians don't want to have children. Muslims do. The future is bleak.

DEMOGRAPHİC CRİSİS. The extinction rate of Russians considerably quickened
20 April 2010

According to Russian media outlets, Russia is covered with a new wave of demographic crisis. A natural reduction in number of Russian women of active childbearing age has been going on since early 2008.

According to forecasts of the head of health ministry of Russia, Golikova, by 2020 the number of Russian women at the age of 20-29 would decrease by 4.6 million, or 38%.

For normal growth of the population of Russia 3 million should be born every year, this figure does not exceed 2.08 million today. And now it will only decrease.

To keep the growth of demographic indicators, the average Russian family must have at least 4-5 children, that is completely excluded for Russians in present conditions.

"Today many talk about the impending "demographic hole", but in fact Russia is firmly seated in it, - says director of the institute of international studies of family, deputy director of the Institute of demography school of economics, Zakharov. - Today only to replace the dead Russian families need to have at least two or three children. Thus, an inevitable continuation of the process of population decline expected for Russia.

The depopulation of Russia can be avoided if annually accept on a constant residence up to 1 million migrants. But it is also unlikely, as well as large-scale migration to Russia of "compatriots abroad", on what for some reason the Russian athorities seriously hope.

"Firstly, Russia is waiting for the reduction and the aging of workforce - continues Zakharov. - World history has no examples of such a strong reduction in the population of working age. "Battle of the staff" is ahead.

Secondly, the final collapse threatens the existing pension system - numerically small taxpayers will not take out the necessary level of compulsory contributions for the benefit of children and the elderly.

Thirdly, numerous migrants with diffrent culturies root into the Russian society, who are needed for the Russian economy, even in a crisis. Similarly, many civilizations had disappeared from the world map.

Fourthly, we are waiting for the inevitable decline in the FSB, the Interior Ministry, the army.

Fifthly, Russia will face the problem of demolition or preservation of the vast amounts of housing and social and economic infrastructure in the emptying small cities and towns ..."

Russia expanded its territory at roughly the same period America did. But whereas America became an ever-greater republic of free men and women, Russia became an ever more paranoid empire of Byzantine-like terror, serfdom, and poverty. Where America absorbed the natives into the solid body of the nation, the Russians destroyed whatever they could of the colonized peoples, mostly Muslims. Today we see the Muslims seeping back in where they had been pushed out before. Russia, have thrown off the Mongol Yoke, seems now close to donning the Muslim-imposed yoke of dhimmitude. Trading all the miserable evils of Russian history for dhimmitude at this stage is a shame, and one we must prevent if we too are to remain free peoples. How? Who? What is to be done?


Viking said...

great post!

Russia is in big trouble, and they know it. They also have a lot of resources on their Eastern end, which the Chinese are dying to get their hands on..
But I disagree that they are not "like us". Russia might be mostly in Asia but in reality they are a European country with an Asian Empire (just because they are joined to their empire doesn't make it any less so). For centuries Russia was a European state and they could easily end up in the EU (or preferably the EEA) in years to come. I would welcome this for a variety of reasons.

Communism and the Cold War forced them out of their natural home in Europe but hopefully they will return.
I wonder would any Russians agree with what I've said?

Dag said...

There are many Russian national characteristics we in he West could happily adopt to our benefit. We could use numerous Dostovevskys and Tolstoys and hundreds of other literary and musical and artistic geniuses from Russia's cultural array. In exchange, we could give them Hollywood. But no, I mean we could give them good things from America.

It's a sad thing to see that our nations are rivals when we should, like Gilgamesh and Inkidu, be friends and brothers. Let's support our Russian friends anyway. They need it, and it's to our advantage anyway. A Muslim take-over of Russia won't even benefit Muslims. Everyone will just sink further into decay, a Russian version of the late Ottoman Empire.

Arise, Ye Mighty Russian People!