Monday, June 26, 2006

Stogie's Cookin'

Stogie always puts up good stuff, and today he's got one I really like, a cookbook I think you'll all enjoy.

One of my favorite recipes inside is "Roast in Hell, you rotten jihadi bastards."

Try the "Gutless Dhimmi Duck Soup."

Lots of good things one might do with a Qur'an.


Stogie said...

Dag, so glad you like my cookin'!

You want fries with that?

dag said...

I love it, Stogie. I want fries and diced deep-fried dhimmis. I want it all.

Stogie said...

Well the diced dhimmis go especially well as a topping for fricaseed Liberals, if I may make a suggestion.

dag said...

Stogie, I'm running for the kitchen!