Friday, June 30, 2006

Blog Readers Breakdown

The post below is so true of our blogs that I felt I should post it here to show the clear evidence that we are indeed immensely popular after all.

Thanks to
(Smart, writes well, fun to read.)

Pearls Before Swine hits a nerve. Very funny. In fact this blog has thousands of readers. Here's a breakdown:

27% - Leftists too apoplectic to post.
22% - Jihadis too busy planning next attack.
15% - Illegal aliens afraid posting will alert INS.
12% - Severe lexdysia.
10% - No internet connection.
7% - No computer.
4% - Illiterate.
2% - Deaf-mute.

And 1% who just don't care.
posted by Tanstaafl at 6/20/2006 08:43:00 AM


Jane said...

Tomorrow is Canada Day.

An Anti-American American living in Canada invited me to an Anti-Canada demonstration tomorrow at Oppenheimer Park.

The demonstration will be about Canada having stolen land from the natives.

truepeers said...

Jane, check out David Warren on the Caledonia land conflict. If we don't stand up to the victimary religion that rules people like your acquaintance, we won't have a country ruled by law for much longer. Can you tell your acquainance from me to stop being the quintessential (wo)man of resentment and to get a life?