Sunday, June 25, 2006

Made Mad: The Narcissism of Fake Fury.

Like it or not most people don't do their own thinking. They don't think for themselves any more than they repair their own teeth or their own law suits or their own business suits. The ones with sense leave the specialist details to professionals, and that includes thinking. The majority of us leave the thinking about the big things to those who comprise our intelligentsia, our intellectual classes. When the public intellectuals fail in their work, the people who follow the opinions they set suffer. The West is in state of agony, doped to the gills, unfortunately, and barely conscious. We can assign the blame to our public intellectuals for it or we can shake our heads and ask ourselves why we've allowed such a rotten lot to lead us so far astray from what we know even as non-professionals as normal common sense and reasonable decency. Why did we let ourselves be taken so far from reality by a gang of fools? And now, what is to be done?

After working all day and returning to deal with the lives of family and neighborhood, we expect an honest account of our public world from our media and experts in the various fields of concern to our daily lives as the world of man unfolds. We turn on the television, read the newspaper, check the Internet for information and opinion regarding the state of our world. And we get phantasy and lies. We get straight rubbish. We get it from those we entrust with our lives. Our opinion makers, those who should provide us with a balanced view of the pros and cons of issues have fallen all over themselves to lie to us and to make us so uninformed about the state of our lives as people in the world that we are worse off than those who know nothing but the common sense they have that keeps them alive when crossing busy streets at night.

Life is not that hard to figure out. It's pretty simple for most people. Relations between people and groups is still much the same as they have been since the time of Adam and Eve. But to read the tales from our intelligentsia one would think that only a person with a ph. d. in sociology could grasp even the slightest of the arcana that makes us who and what we are in this modern world of ours. Good grief, we know better. When we look at our intelligentsia to today many of us long for the the simple honesty of the priest class as found in the Renaissance popes. They might have been a thieving and violent lot but they were honest about it, which our own are not, with some few exceptions. Peasants of prior times had one great advantage over us in our modern day: they were able to shrug off the crooks as a bad lot. Not us with the lives of: "...the anxiety-ridden, memory-dominated self-conscious of affluent and well-educated people of today." as Norman F. Cantor writes. [In the Wake of the Plague. New York: Perennial; 2002, p. 59.] We hear the opinion of an expert and we rush for the Prozac. It doesn't matter how stupid or how obviously false the opinions of the experts might be, no matter how counter-intuitive and how far from ordinary common sense and simple prudence, if we get the idea from an an expert we swallow it whole. Who's got time to find out if the opinion is real or right? We all work all day. We have to trust the experts to do our thinking for us. The bastards.

We put too much faith in the expert thinkers sometimes. In the face of expertise we lose our confidence and agree to things we would patiently explain to our retarded children as being inappropriate. We put up with too much crap from educated fools. Jacques Barzun puts it nicely in The House of Intellect:

"[T]he authors of all enquiries into [X] are forced to acknowledge that the latter implies the division into two groups; the first forms an elite organisation as a political party, which ahas adopted the mission of thinking for the thoughtless masses and which imagines that, because it allows the latter to enjoy the results of its superior enlightenment, it has done something admirable.... The intellectuals are not. as is so often said, men who think: they are people who have adopted the profession of thinking and who take an aristocratic salary on account of the nobility of the profession."

It's terrific that our intellectuals get paid a princely sum. It's not so terrific that most of them are charlatans who should be hanged for the criminal activities they perform in their capacities as our intellectual leaders.

The New York Times Shows Bush Who's The Boss

By Red Square
6/23/2006, 9:02 pm

The Bush administration and The New York Times are again at odds over national security, this time with new exposures of the administration's immoral attempts to protect imperialist America from heroic Islamic freedom fighters.

In today's issue the fearless NYT showed the world how the militaristic US government was co-opting major capitalist financial institutions to track global financial transfers.

The message this sends is clear - give up, George Bush! Protecting America is a useless task when you face the glorious destructive force of progressive media! America must be destroyed! It is a historical inevitability whose time has come!


The Cube piece above is funny because the parody is too close to reality. Our own intelligentsia have turned the public discourse into a sick joke. And they have us as audience at the theatre of death, we being both spectators and actors. Ours is a play in the arena of the mind of the wicked, a parody of the Roman Circus, a low comedy based on a lack of understanding of classical tragedy. Our priestly class today, the dhimmi fascists of the Left, act out their misbegotten roles as corrupt mystics, as bewildered and unbelieving gnostics. They have turned our world into a sick play for the benefit of-- themselves.

When we return to this look at our intelligentsia we will examine the details of the theatre of madness and our roles as scape-goats and the making mad of those beyond the protection of the fire that is civilization. We'll look at the parody of tragedy and the philobarbarism that arises from sentimentality and the manufacturring of madness in the savages.

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