Thursday, June 29, 2006

Murdered for being alive.

Eliyahu Asheri.

Yitro Asheri: "Pray! Pray - because you are righteous and G-d desires your prayers."


Stogie said...

What a handsome, wholesome young man. He could have been any of our sons. May his soul fly straight to Heaven.

dag said...

I would ask the Presbyterians, the Anglicans, the Episcopalians, the United Church of Canada, CUPE Ontario members if they are proud of the murder of this boy. They should be. They paid for the bullet and the gun that killed him. They made this situation one in which Eli and others not differeent from him are murdered. Why don't they write and let us know how happy they are about this boy's murder? Sid Ryan, Ufford-Smith, write here and tell us how glad you are that this boy is dead. Let us know about others you will kill. We want to read your comments.

Stogie said...

Dag, I do not understand how anyone could support the Palestinians and seek to punish the Israelis. I can only conclude that the Left is insane, criminally, dangerously insane. Any so-called "Christian" church who supports divestment is a church of Hell in my book; I would never darken their doors, never have fellowship with them, never put a sou into their collection basket.

Anonymous said...

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