Monday, June 26, 2006


"The successful revolutionary is a statesman, the unsuccessful one a criminal."

Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom. Canada: Holt, Rinehart, Winston; 1941, rpt 1961. p. 259.

The main point here is to establish a citation. The worthwhile point is to ask if one is right in revolting against the established order. Few do, and one must wonder if it's a good thing to do so even if the result is good for many. Australia, for example, had no revolution, as Dalton Trumbo points out in Johnny Got His Gun. Same result as America and no violence. Russia had a revolution and turned into a nightmare land. the French had a revolution and killed too many people for a good cause that went sour in short order. what about us? Should we have a social revolution? We had one that continues from the 1960s. It is, to my mind, a counter-revolution, a reactionary movement from the reactionary forces of 1789, not the bourgeois elements. should we evolve or fight as hard as possible for the quickest result? How long will we last if we do little but wait for incremental improvement? How much damage might we cause in acting hastily for a result we might attain regardless? And at what point is revolution criminal and not successful? Is it a matter of the winner writing history?

Corday murdered Marat. Both died. Which one is successful?


Always On Watch said...

For a full five minutes, I've sat here and pondered your posting. Revolution? The word nearly goes against my grain. But what is the alternative? Inevitable erosion and eventual destruction of Western civilization, I think.

Is it a matter of the winner writing history?

To a certain extent justice is merely the interest of the stronger. But absolutes, including justice, do exist.

dag said...

Somewhere in the course of this blog I posted the details of reform, rebellion, revoultion, and reaction. Damned if I recall when or where. In that post we find the details we need to decide our postions regarding social change and political change, assuming we care for such. I do, obviously, and wish for a total change from the reactionary Left dhimmi fascism of today, a violent assault on Humanity and Man's liberty and individuality as Man's practice of private ownership of his own life.

My part in keeping this blog has been to show how we developed in the West as a Modernist culture from the roots of our three revolutions, namely the Industrial, American, and French revolutions, and how those revolutions are under constant attack from the forces of reaction, i. e. the majority of the world's people and cultures.

Because of our break with the past, our revolutions of the 18th century, we are no longer like anyone else in history and little like most of our contemporaries. I prize the American middle class as the paradigm of rightness in Human life. It only exists in small parts of the world, extending so far as to Australia, for example, but not to many places outside Europe, if there anymore. And inside our home our own are against us too often, they being the Left dhimmi fascists I rage about so often, they being counter to our revolutions.

Backyard bar-b-ques and slow pitch soft-ball games are revolutionary in our world. We are so utterly different from the vast majority of our own world that we are revolutionary. Those outside our world of Modernity, the capitalist world, live in a state of communalism and feudalism. They are often worked into false furies against us by our own who idealise our world as cold, corrupt, and cynical while at the same time they idealise the world of the barbarian as ideal in its goldeness. Those philobarbarists, the sentimentalists, they are our enemies, and they are our own, those who use the Muslims now as proxies to destroy us and restore to prominence their fascist view of what history should be. We are revolutionaries. We are the revolution of ordinary life for the Common Man.

It's been my intention from the beginning to organise a history of Modernity and its roots to show why they hate us. I've been at this for just over one year, and I am nearing completion of this part of the project. Once this thesis is complete I hope to put it together sequentially and to present it to the public--assuming anyone cares to read it. If I'm successful we should have a good overview and some clear detail of why we are revolutionaries and what makes our project better than any other and what to do to promote it to the advantage of all. We'll see.