Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vive le Revolution Bleue

Sebastien Writes:

I have just returned from the Blue Scarf protest held in the Place de Sorbonne in Paris.

We got there very early so sat in a Cafe on the square where we met another fellow in a blue scarf. This gentleman hails from Epinay-sur-Seine, the town where Jean-Claude Irvoas was savagely murdered last October in front of his wife and daughter whilst taking photos.

He seemed like so many others I have recently met. Over 60, very angry and the overwhelming feeling of having absolutely nothing to lose.

There was a recent story of man losing his cool and shooting some 'youth' who had been making his life hell for many years. He hanged himself in prison, before the case reached the courts.

Behind us was sitting an obvious islamist from probably the UOIF. The UOIF is the muslim association closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which among other things, makes a fortune from its Halal food operations.

Claude Reichmann entered the café where we were sitting. To be quite honest I didn't recognise him until he was pointed out to me. I approached him and mentioned that the Blue Scarf movement was, thanks to the Internet, generating followers the world over. I mentioned that you were involved in getting people the world over to sit in their Mcdonalds at precisely 6 pm.

He was very very pleased to learn of this and mentioned the fact during his closing speech, to the rousing applause of a crowd that I would estimate to being around 1200.

I would like to mention here the main points of his speech (and others) so that you can understand the basics of the Blue Revolution.

It is primarily about lies in the media. France is the advanced economy with the most rotten politically correct media class. They, and the politicans all stem from the same ideas which drove the 1968 student protests who shouted slogans such as "It is forbidden to forbid"

They have lied to us about the economy. France is bankrupt yet they keep telling us we can have a socialist state and a thriving economy.

They have lied to us about Islam. It has always been presented as a religion of peace.

They have lied to us about the violence. They continually refuse to blame the 'youth' for killing, destroying, stealing and raping.

They have lied to us about the European Constitution. They are still divising ways to cede power to Brussels.

They have lied to us about Turkey. We don't want them in the EU yet it seems inevitable despite the no constitutional vote.

They have lied about gay marriage. A UMP MP was recently piloried for being against gay mariage, despite the fact that vast the majority of people are against it.

Other speakers included Louis Chagnon, the school history teacher chucked out of his job and prosecuted because he said that Mohammed was a brigand and a thief. He subsequently won his case.

A fellow from the Comite Lepante ( ) made a rousing speech where he mentioned Bat Ye'or.

Finally Mr Reichmann made closing comments, which is when he mentioned that english language bloggers were taking interest in the Blue Revolution.

We finished with the national anthem, after which he announced that next month we would meet again.

During the event a couple of us distributed Mohammed unfriendly literature. It was the of a very long day which we had spent putting stickers and leaving leaflets all over the city. But that's a subject for another post.

I will finish by mentioning that the crowd were not young. No more than 10% were under 30. I kept on wondering why all these peoples' kids hadn't turned up. There was a large crowd of basically nice middle class 45 to 65 year olds but very few kids. My guess is that all their children think of their parents as reactionary fascists.

I hope that you found this report useful. Please share it with everyone who you feel might be interested. I would be interested in Blue Scarf stories you can share



I'm out the door here pretty quick to sit and wait for the Canadians to flock to our meeting. It's not going to happen quickly, but it will come in time. I'll report what I can this evening, and more to come.


Jauhara said...

Sacre Bleu! Vive la révolution bleue...où puis-je joindre? Pardon my French, but this gives me hope! Go France!

t-ham said...

I sat, for 2 hours, resplendent in my new blue scarf, in a McDonalds 35 miles from 9/11's Ground Zero, a place where, on that day, you could have climbed any of the hills that rise up here along the Hudson River and watched the Towers burn and crumble as I did, a place where everyone lost a family member or friend or knows someone who did.

No one came.

Other obligations? Insufficient notice? Lousy time of day? Apathy? Fear?

Maybe I counted too much on the blogs. Maybe I overestimated how many of us reading and commenting. Maybe we just seem like many. Maybe, 'round here, I am one of the Tiny Majority Who Have Hijacked the...what?

This will take some thinking. This is going to take some planning. They should have come. I am a stubborn son of a bitch, and now they have gone and pissed me off.
I'm not going away.

dag said...

T-ham, people will join you.