Saturday, January 28, 2006

To Say Yes to Life

HAMAS won the government. The Muslim Brotherhood took too many seats in Egypt. Hizbollah is in charge in souther Lebanon. Syria is allied with the nuke-making Iranian nutters. Pakistanis rampage, riot, murder Christians, and have nuclear weapons. Christian girls are beheaded on their way to school in Malaysia. Bangladesh is roiling with bomb attacks on markets. Thailand is falling apart under jihadi attacks. Muslims attempted to overthrow the government of Trinidad. And on it goes. It gets worse. Daily it's getting worse. All hell is breaking loose.

And yet, I see this as a good thing. I see this as our call to action. We can't much longer pretend that this is normal, our fault if it's bad, or that it'll stop. No, this is the time to prepare ourselves for the coming and inevitable change in the order of the world's way. I think we in the Modern West have the strength of mind to make the whole world a livable place for all. We will get what we work for. If we don't work, we will die out. Nature doesn't care. It's up to us to decide the future of Humanity.

What a great task we are given.

If you feel that you'd like to organise among your mates some resistence to jihad and against the foolishness of so many of our own, our idiot Left fascist dhimmis, I offer this space to you to announce yourselves ready to sit in public to meet your friends, to discuss, and perchance to plan.

I chose McDonalds as a public place where any and all can meet conveniently. I adopted the sign of the Bleue Scarf movement in France as a way of us signalling to each other our presence. It needn't be that but anything we choose. If you will, please meet your friends. Leave a location if you're will. I'll be at McD.s on Thursday coming from 7-9:00 pm at Main st. off Terminal ave. in Vancouver, Canada. Please join me. Or, if you're elsewhere, join others.

This is our glorious time. How great is Man.


Jauhara said...

How would we in America get the word out about the Blue scarf Revolution? Where I live, we have very few muslims (yet) but their numbers are sure to grow. Luckily, the immigrants from the middle east are mostly christian arabs from egypt, the west bank, and syria and lebanon.

dag said...

Voltaire in Sydney, Australia got the word out by blogging in an area that has severe Muslim problems. I go from place to place on foot talking to people. I get on the Internet and tell people where I'll be, who I am, what I'll be wearing, and how to spot me in a crowded public place.

Obviously I have personal reasons for doing this. It is a matter however of all of us becoming involved for the sake of common decency. I wore a blue scarf at McDonald's on Thursday night and let people know I'd be there doing it. They came. Others in other cities went and did the same. In time there will be a ground-swell of people who do this just so as not to be the ones who don't. That will be to the good. To be publicly identified as one who says no to murder is a good thing. No to HAMAS. No money for them. No votes for those who would pay them. No buying from those who would shut up papers running cartoons.

For me, for now, I'll wear a blue scarf and let the world knowI'm terribly unhappy with the fact that our public intellectuals think it's cool to mouth cliches in support of killers. You see me with a blue scarf and you'll know I don't put up with that.

By the bye, I think I scare my mates. You'll likely have better luck attracting people to have coffee with you. But there I will be, Vancouver, Canada, McD. on Thursday at 7-9:00, Main and Terminal st.

I hate Islam. I hate men who beat up women. I don't care who knows that. If they object, then they'll see just how scary I can be. But they won't because these are women-beating cowards. Our meeting went like all the others. Quiet and lots of fun. We had a very good time. Yeah, even at McDonald's.

t-ham said...

I will be sitting in the McDonalds on Rte 9W in West Haverstraw, NY again. I'll keep coming back. I'm irritating that way. I will be there from 1PM until 2PM. I can't stay longer, this is all the time I have between jobs. I'm only concerned with making contact right now. Once we meet, we can find a better solution. Rockland County has suffered it's share of dead at the hands of those who hate us. It's personal here.

Jauhara said...

Well, now guys, if you can do this, so will I. I will also post something about this at Discarded Lies, which has a regular following of likeminded people. Thanks for the encouragement, Dag. I think I have probably eaten in that particular McDonald's..years ago, though!

dag said...

T-ham, I'll post your comment on the top along with any others that come in so we cam go through and pick a likely spot. It'll take time to build up, to get people aware that they can actually do something effective by their own efforts. I'll keep pushing from here, and others are joining in. We can do what they did in the Phillipines, in Poland, in Ukrainia, around the world. It's time for our own revloution.