Friday, January 27, 2006

From Voltaire and Sebastien

[Dag] , 5 people, including myself, turned up at McDonald's in Sydney. Only two of us had blue scarves, but that's neither here nor there. We had a really good talk for a few hours and exchanged numbers.

Posted by: Voltaire [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 27, 2006 04:23 AM

[Dag]. I have mailed Claude Reichman in France about the fantastic efforts that yourself, Voltaire, Rebecca and others have done.

Should anyone be interested in how the Paris event went. Please read [Dag's] blog for the report.


I sign in at as sonofwalker, a reference to a probably non-existent relationship to William Walker, 19th century filibuster. To keep things simple here I used my name in the addresses above.

I wish to thank and congratulate all who've dont their parts in thee meetings last night. We can go from here to change the whole world. It's a matter for the most part of becoming intolerant in public of Islamic madness. To sit in a public place and meet people we don't know, to say "Hey, we don't like this and it's wrong to put up with it," that is a message many people want to hear but are afraid to speak openly. If we give them a chance they will add their voices. Yes, even Muslims will come out to join us. Not all of them are insane. They as much as we deserve life rather than the small minorty of ideologues who scream and pose at any point that disagreement with their ideology is fascistic or racist. Sometimes the majority is simply right, and the leaders of our cultures are just dead wrong. Wrong is wrong, and we can say so in public.

No money for HAMAS. No putting up silently with Presbyterian ministers saying criticism of Islam is racist. No turning a blind eye to little girls mutilated by their parents. Some things are wrong. Now we can meet and say it loudly and clearly: No more Islamic madness. We've had enough.

Let's join again and add others to our list of men and women who are ready and willing to sit down and drink coffee with ech other and say no to Islam and terror.


fido said...

Love the blog, we need something like the blue scarfs in the UK.
Keep the good work going.


mara said...

I thought you might be interested in this story.

(AgapePress) - A former Muslim who is now a Christian pastor claims his rights were violated when he was arrested for playing Christian music in a park.

Azim Shariat, an Iranian who came to the U.S. 30 years ago and became a citizen, converted from Islam to Christianity in 1981 and is now a pastor. Several years ago, he attended a Persian New Year's festival at a public park in Orange County, California, where tens of thousands of other celebrants were gathered.

While there, Shariat took out a portable radio/audiocassette player he had brought along and began playing Christian songs. Someone in the predominately Muslim crowd complained to police, who arrested the Christian festival attendee for allegedly violating a noise ordinance.

Shariat was shocked when the police accosted him, especially since many other people in the park were playing other types of music. But after what the minister describes as his humiliating, public arrest and physical mistreatment while in custody, the County decided not to prosecute and the charges against him were eventually dropped.

Pastor Shariat filed suit against Orange County, challenging the way the ordinance he had been charged with violating was applied. However, the initial trial court ruling did not go in the minister's favor. Although several law enforcement officers testified with widely differing views of what the law required and to whom it should be applied, the trial court nevertheless ruled in the County’s favor that the law was not vague.

At the request of the Christian minister's attorneys, the case was reviewed by the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), a pro-family legal defense organization. Upon their review, the group's attorneys became convinced that Orange County had violated Shariat's constitutional rights. PJI has now submitted a friend-of-the-court, or amicus, brief on the pastor's behalf to the California Court of Appeals.

According to PJI president Brad Dacus, Shariat's case proves that religious intolerance is not only to be found in Middle Eastern or other foreign nations with anti-Christian regimes or atheistic totalitarian governments. It also rears its head, he points out, in many places throughout the free world -- even in America.

Brad Dacus
"Religious intolerance is not confined to dark corners of the world like Iran," Dacus asserts. "It is on the prowl in Orange County. We are hopeful that the Court of Appeals will heed the warning signs and vindicate Pastor Shariat."

The PJI spokesman points out that, in filing suit, the former Muslim plaintiff was not only seeking redress of the injustice done to him, but was also trying to strike a blow against religious intolerance and anti-Christian bias. "Azim realized that this is something he didn't want to see happen to pastors here in the United States of America and filed a lawsuit challenging this outrageous action of hostility to Christianity," the attorney says.

"Any pastor, or any individual for that matter, should be free to be able to express themselves in public forums like public parks," Dacus contends. They should "not be persecuted," he adds, "simply because their message is one of Christianity and not one of Islam."

The Sacramento, California-based Pacific Justice Institute is a non-profit legal defense organization that specializes in defending religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. Through its attorneys and supporters, the group works to defend the rights of individuals, families, and churches free of charge.

Imam Grouik-Grouik said...

Wa salami

Your blog is too machalah ! But i think you speak bad about islam because you don't know the salamist islam, islam of salami.

Try it : and you'll change your mind. (Sorry, it's all in french)

Blog of the hallal pork

Wa Salami

dag said...

Vive Salami-ist Islam, Bartender of Mecca!

dag said...

Mara, I thank you again for your contribution. You show in vivid colour that Americans can seemingly do any outrageous thing but be normal in public. My postion is that anyone has the right to expres him or herself non-violently, not subversively, within the bounds of common reason; but when there is an exceptionalist approach to law, when the majority is condemned for normacy, when "Other" is privileged and promoted, then there is no law at all, only privilge and whim and injustice for all. No one deserves that kind of anti-social anarchy, not even Muslims.

Mara, I think you'll find an increasing support from people who believe in your right to be a Christian even if your supporters aren't. For what it's worth, I'm with you every step of the way.

mara said...

Thank you, Dag. Below is a posting from a dear one who lives his belief in Christ as reality. I thought perhaps this would be helpful and moving, as it was to me. The Islamofascists and many others are deceived, not knowing the true God and having no hope.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I don't have much time tonight as I'm preparing to leave for Uganda tomorrow (technically today) as well as thinking about dorm chapel in the morning. But I wanted to post one last time before the two-week pause.

As I leave, I am reminded of James 4:13-15: "Come now, you who say, 'Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit.' Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Instead, you ought to say, 'If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that.'"

I plan to be back in twelve days. But I might not be. I plan to write another post and study for more seminary classes and help guys in the dorm and see my beloved Cindi again. But I might not. And this is not just because I'll be on three flights for twenty hours from Los Angeles to London to Nairobi to Uganda, or because I'll be in a far more disease-ridden place than I'm used to, or because I'll meet people with AIDS.

It's because I am a vapor.

This makes each day so precious, each breath so valuable, each decision so serious. Life was not given to us as a game to be played but as a mission to be accomplished. That mission is to glorify God in the world and to advance His kingdom at all personal cost, with the weapons of love and truth. And we may not have tomorrow to do it.

Live today. I may get to do it in Africa for the next twelve days, but think about what you get to do. Touch a life. Speak the truth. Study hard. Think about the cross. Visit a widow. Pray for people. Dream of causes bigger than yourself and then live Christ in the details and the mundane. You have two options every day when you wake up. You can do whatever your hand finds to do with all your might or you can coast. Remembering that your life is like dew on the grass on a summer morning will help you to choose the former. And forgetting it will always lead to the latter.

You may not have tomorrow, and that means something for today.

It is entirely possible that when the wheels of my plane lift off the runway at Los Angeles Intenational Airport at 5:15pm on Friday, January 27, I will have touched the ground of my homeland for the final time. I do not mean to be morbid - I don't expect to die. But I only expect to live if the Lord wills.

There is no day like today, whether you're departing soon for a place that you have always dreamed of visiting or you're putting one foot in front of the other in the grind of daily faithfulness. You do not have yesterday and you do not have tomorrow. You only have today. Live today. And by the grace of God, I'll be living with you.

I'll see you when I get back - if the Lord wills.

Anonymous said...

It is time Europe BOYCOTTED these Islamist thugs..........First---

THrow all the Islamists thugs back to their native lands....deport these Arabs, Pakistanis and Palestines....

Europe has for long unwittingly tolerated and helped these thugs.......Europe needs to practice discriminatio9n against these muslim thugs........we have to ridicule their religions and their customs.......we have show that they are barbaric........laugh at them when we see them......only then the so called 'moderate' muslims would stop helping the the so called 'moderate' muslims and BRAND them as terrorists.....only then they would STOP support.....otherwise these educated muslims are going to become part of the plot by the Islamists to impose Shariat on Europe!!!!!