Friday, January 27, 2006

Take Back the Culture

Take Back the Culture. That is roughly what we're beginning to see in some parts of Europe recently. From France to Norway, citizens and residents are this winter expressing their discontent with the governments, media, and public intellectuals who pander to and appoligise for Muslim madness in the nations of Europe, pretending that Islam is important, demanding, even threatening that the locals must bend and bow and scrape in order to prove their moral and social enlightenment by appeasing every whim of the Muslim minorities, violence and mayhemn not withstanding. Now there is a line drawn by artists in the proverbial sand, cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims world-wide, cartoons resulting in Mulsim boycotts of Danish goods. Death threats. Riots. The wide-spread reaction one has come to expect from the religion of peace on any and all ocassions. Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, French, Belgian, they've had enough in some cases, and the cases are growing. Include the Austrians. Perhaps even the Australian. Include me, include yourself. Enough is enough. Below we see what the Danes and their fellows in the frozen far north are thinking, thanks to a link from

Danish Imams Propose to End Cartoon Dispute
From the desk of Hjörtur Gudmundsson on Sun, 2006-01-22 21:31

The Danish imams, who protested the publication of 12 Muhammad cartoons [see them all below] in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten last September, have announced that they want to end the dispute. For four months the imams and their radical Muslim organizations have unsuccesfully demanded government censorship. However, despite immense pressure (also from international organizations such as the UN and the EU) the Danish government refused to call the newspaper to account.

Last week a couple of Norwegian papers decided to publish the cartoons in support of the Danish paper while in Denmark moderate Muslims, encouraged by the government's refusal to be intimidated by the radicals, have distanced themselves from the imams. The latter announced on Friday that they no longer demand apologies from Jyllands-Posten for the publication. Instead they said they just want two things: a guarantee from the Danish authorities that Muslims can freely practice their religion without being "provoked and discriminated." And a declaration from Jyllands-Posten that the cartoons were not published with the intention of mocking the Muslim faith. "We want Jyllands-Posten to show respect for the Muslims. This can happen with an apology, but it can also happen in some other way. We will leave it to Jyllands-Posten to come up with some ideas," said Ahmed Akkari, spokesman of the Muslim organizations. "We want respect for Muhammad restored and we want him to be described as the man he really was in history, and that he gets the respect he deserves," Akkari stressed that Muslim organizations are still deeply opposed to the publication of the cartoons.

The Muslim organizations and Jyllands-Posten met last week to discuss the matter. "It was a good and constructive meeting. We agreed that we need to find a solution," said Carsten Juste, editor of Jyllands-Posten. Juste stressed that the meeting was one step in a reconciliation process which the Muslim organizations and the newspaper began in December.

Some sceptics wonder whether the demands of the imams have changed fundamentally. They still insist that Jyllands-Posten admit that publishing the cartoons was wrong and make amends for it. The sceptics argue that the paper should not settle for a compromise on freedom of expression by justifying itself. Others wonder why the radical Muslims appear to be softening their demand and seem so eager to make a deal. Perhaps the decision of Norwegian papers such as Magazinet to support Jyllands-Posten by publishing the cartoons has made the radicals reconsider. Perhaps they fear a domino effect. Some Swedish papers are considering publishing the cartoons as well. If the Swedish government subsequently follows the position of the Danish and Norwegian governments, refusing to interfere and limit freedom of expression, the position of the radical Danish Muslims, who are looking for international support, will only weaken.

According to a poll taken this week among 1,047 people in Denmark 57% of the Danes support Jyllands-Posten's decision to publish the cartoons, while 31% disagrees. Young people and men are more likely to support the decision. Almost two out of every three males and 61% of people aged between 18 and 25 years of age did so.

Meanwhile an international organization of Muslim intellectuals has threatened to mobilize "millions of Muslims all over the World" to boycott Danish and Norwegian products unless the Danish and Norwegian government condemn the publication of the cartoons, which is called an "attack on the Muslims of the World and on the Prophet." In Saudi Arabia people are receiving e-mails and sms messages urging them to boycott Danish products "until Denmark offers an official apology." The Organization of the Islamic Conference protested last week's publication of the cartoons in the Norwegian paper Magazinet. The Iranian embassy in Oslo said that freedom of expression cannot justify publishing the cartoons. However, Finn Jarle Sæle, the editor of the Norwegian Christian newspaper Norge I DAG, announced that his paper is also considering publishing the cartoons. He called upon other Norwegian editors to do the same. Sæle says that so far many of them have only written editorials supporting freedom of expression but have not dared to publish the cartoons themselves.

Asked if wider publication will not lead to unnecessary confrontations between Christians and Muslims Sæle said the intention was not to provoke just for the sake of provoking, but rather to confront radical Islam in Norway. Perhaps it is necessary to provoke in order to do that, he said. Sæle wants the Norwegian imams to publicly oppose the death threats that have been sent to Magazinet's editor Vebjørn Selbekk. According to Sæle these threats are not just directed against Magazinet. They affect the entire Norwegian media, not just one editor who dared to stand up for freedom of expression.
There's more, and there will be more and more. This trivial nonsense is a turning point in our history. Cartoonists drew the line in the sand. Now the Muslims are stuck with their hyper-sensitive pose. They boycott on the one hand and look for an out on the other. Let's supply them with some real food for thought: publish the cartoons and spredad them till the world makes Islmaic posturing the laughing stock of the universe. Maybe that will begin to bring Islam back to reality.


eyesallaround said...

What a joke. If they did "him to be described as the man he really was in history" it would 10x worse than the cartoons! Someone needs to tell these dimwits you can not DEMAND respect, trust or love.


D. T. Devareaux said...

Speaking of "culture", here's an interesting little post I just received over at The Study:

Anonymous said...

Death To women's Rights
Death To women's Liberties
Death To women's Freedoms

Why does Ashia have wrinkles, surely she was a pretty girl as a child?
Why would she be deflowered whilst in her clothes? (Yes, a virgin girl, something that is impossible in the lands of women's rights. Why do you revel in the fact that we men of the west cannot marry girls at menarche, have multiple wives, nor rule over them? Why are most of my fellow men and nearly all of the women here feminist bastards and worthless bitches?).

Why do you bow down to women? You may not be a dhimmi of muslims but you are a dhimmi of females.

Death To women's Rights.

dag said...

D.T., that's similar to things I get here at times. It's no wonder Marc Lepin killed all those girls in Montreal in Dec., 1989.

These guys will beat, rape, mutilate, and murder women but when they meet men who fight back the rotten bastards run away, nine out of ten times; and the tenth time they go down in defeat-- so far.

I'm still standing.

Charles Martel said...

well, i'm bought Danish this weekend in solidarity. Carlsberg beer, Danish bacon and Lurpak butter.

my usual beer is Stella Artois, i usually buy British bacon and British butter.

Its a small thing - but its the least i could do.

i've provided some links to things Danish on my blog (right hand side). I hope others in Europe take this up - the more they "boycott" Denmark, the more we'll take up the slack.
its just an idea. i dont know if it will spread - but if they complain about some German publication next time, i'll buy German beer.

D. T. Devareaux said...


Yeah, I also got a thinly-veiled death threat this morning--from an "anonymous" poster. What a man! And here I was all set to start working on something non-Islamic this afternoon, but it looks like that was not meant to be. Stupidty and intolerance is forcing my hand--quite literally.

dag said...

D.T., the world awaits you.

dag said...

I think Carlsburg beer is Danish. I'm not much of a drinker so to make up for my lack of support there I hope to kiss a Danish girl soon.

alex jones said...

muslims are so arrogant , we all have fairy tales but we don't care if they take it seriously or not and we don't mind if they do at home but they have to understand we don't care for islam and the primordial living , this is our home and we do as we please. We don't ask for Saudi women to get a bikini and enjoy life or the Iranian not to genuflect continuously, but don't come here and tell us what to do!!!

dag said...

Alex Jones raises an interesting point above: that we in the settled West are conditioned to appease Muslims, to excuse their monstrous behaviour, to hush up ourselves and be non-judgemental in the face of outrage. The usual cliche is that we cannot rightly and legitimately push our values on other people. We must be tolerant of differecnces among people, not assuming that we and we alone have some special gnostic awareness that gives us the monopoly on cosmic truth, no, not even into social behaviour, not even into personal behaviour that is muderous,fatal to girls and women from Islamic cultures, fatal to commuters on trains, people in office towers, children in school. But. But. But I say this: Those who claim moral and cultural relativism are a small minority of idiots who've hijacked our common decency and turned it against us. We as common citizens are made to feel guilt and shame for objecting to violence against civilians, against murder of women and children. A small clique of idiots have determined that we in the West are to blame for all problems in the world, and that the small clique are the only one among us who have the right understanding of why and how to fix the problems. We must accept that we are racists, that we are intolerant, that we are guilty of atrocities against the por and the icnnocent and the weak. But it is a small minority of idiots who say this, and the rest of us follow along in resentful silence.

It's time to say no more of this crap. No more appeasement of killers. No more turning our eyes from horror, no more dhimmitude.

Who are the idiots who promote the ugly cliches of relativism? I say screw them. I say right is right and wrong is wrong, and if others are offended, too bad for them. More? Yeah. Too bad for them and I'm not going to allow it. We do not have to put up with a small minority of dhimmis telling us that murder is OK and understandable once we grasp the root causes. Screw them. Wrong is wrong, and right, like it or not, no only exists, but it is right. No more Islamic mayhem.

To the monster above who rants about women: You are out of here. Somewhere a man is going to find you, beat you to the ground, and put a stop to you; and not anywhere in the Western world will you find anyone who cares. No more crap from this minority of idiots.

Anonymous said...

We need to encourage all western newspapers to publish these photos, because it will force the muslim morons to decide between starvation or tolerance.

dag said...

We're going to put up more graphics. The Islamic world has to come to terms with this, one way or the other. The commercial press might not want to risk it but we, the public, the people, we have only our freedom to gain by doing so.

Anonymous said...

I'm fed up with bending over backwards to appease muslims. It's got to stop and I support publishing more allah comics in every newspaper in the free western world. We are going to force muslims to learn and appreciate tolerance or they can just leave. End of story.

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil." Thomas Mann

Alice in Germany said...

I am worried about the way in which commenters are using the terms 'muslim' and 'islamic' and implying that ALL or even the MAJORITY of muslims living in western democracies agree with the violent methods espouced by fundamentalists.

I would like to remind people that muslims are not the ONLY who use violence to meet try to enforce their religous beliefs.

I come from Melbourne Australia and a couple of years ago a 'CHRISTIAN' man walked into an abortion clinic and tried to shoot people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Alice but I can't help but feel contempt for all muslims right now. The moderates are not doing enough to control the extremists among them and too many extremists live in our communities.

dag said...

Alice has been away too long. She attempts to suggest that those who express deep concern about Islam are at least alarmists, and the insinuation is that those who voice this alarm are likely racists. Allow me to put the record straight according to our positiion here:

Islam is not a religion, but a poligion, a political ideology with a religious message, one triumphalist, imperialist, and murderous. Alice, if ever she were to read the Koran in any translation at all, would likely be upset that the book is filled with calls to hatred of others, to enslavement of others, and to the murder of others in the call to dominate the entire world. The Koran is occasionally sprinkled lightly with calls for truces when Mohammed and his forces were under attack in Medina, but the Alices of the world don't understand any of this, prefering to lecture those who also don't know more than she. Sorry, Alice, you are likely a fine person but you either know nothing of Islam other than what you read in the paper after work, or you do, in which case you would be something we won't write about here., those of us here who do know Islam sura by sura, hadith by hadith, know the facts, and we do not rely for our arguements of our feelings. We think. We study. We question. We analyse.

Do all or even most Muslims agree with the violence stemming from Islam? Alice is worried that we think so. Alice has feelings deep and true, but Alice doesn't know anything about Islam. Nor does she seem to want to know. Rather, she writes here confusing a poligion with a race of people. Alice, dear, Islam is not a race. Dear Alice, Islam is a collection of warrior codes from the 7th cent. Dear, dear Alice. Please don't tell if you find yourself in this position again. Please, Alice dear, ASK before you write anything again so uninformed to the highly informed.

As for your blessing upon us, that you will inform us that not only Muslims commit acts of violence, what you really meant to do is use a moral equivalecnce argument. I don't have the time to do it for you, though if I do I'll do it properly and then show how revolting it is on all ground, beginning with logic.

Alice, do not, please, treat our readers here like five year olds. We are totally convinced of your fine feelings, and e wish you would extend them to your cat or your budgie. They have no place in a debate such as this.

If you were concerned about anything other than expressing your feelings of deep love for all of Humanity and your distaste for those who are not nice people we would direct you to sites written by those who could and do explain this Islamic poligion to you clearly. You could for example, search Faith Freedom and Ali Sina, or Hirsi Ali or Irshad Manji or Robert Spencer. But one is lead to believe that you are really more interested in showing us all that you are a sensitive person worthy of being thought of as nice.

Alice and her own are responsible for the murder of too many to think of. They are diirectly responsible for the deaths of some we know directly. The dead are not numbers, not figures, not Peoples. Most of them are Muslims. They have as much right to life and love as any, but it is the Alices of our time who encourage the Muslim ummah to die and murder in the psychotic phantasy of Islamic triumphalism. Alice thinks she's a nice person. Alice is in fact complicit in murder.

Alice is a conformist. She will say anything others say if that's the prevailing ethos. That is to the good. A society full of individualists would soon spin into chaos. But at this time we need those who will not accept murder and lies as proper social behaviour.

Be quiet, Alice. If we need your uninformed opinions, they should wait until the times change and your new and improved uninformed opinions are less harmful.

Alice, if you wish to feel, and to feel something of worth, try finding a boyfriend. Ideas are obviously not for you. Opinions you certainly have, but you'd do better with a child to raise into a decent person, which you obviously are in spite of your ridiculous letter.

We're not going to be friends, are we, Alice? Maybe I should have waited till I had some coffee before I wrote this. Oh, Alice, come back later when I have more patience and some coffee to ease my troubled temper.

Anonymous said...

5 year olds, Dag?

Don't insult defenceless children.

dag said...

Excuse me. Five year olds and insulting them and defencelessness, all together I find your comment incoherent.

Aisha is, historically, six years old at the time Mohammed contracted with her father Abu Bakr for her marriage. Mohammed did not do so for any political advantage, no social advantage, not for nothing but because he wanted to add a child to his collection of rape victims. It's in the canonical texts, indisputable, and Muslims will agree that that is true because it is in the canonical texts, in strong hadiths, with strong isnads. Mate, you can't fight it.

What, if anything, your point is, will have to await some further clarity. I assume you're denying, ineffectively, that Mohammed did have a six year old girl for a wife. If that is your point you really don't have any business writing that sort of nonsense here because our readers can read. If you doubt the veracity of the claim you can turn to the historical record for proof. I don't have the inclination to do more for you. Again, I'll guide you directly to Ali Sina at faithfreedom. Search and ye shall find. But then, you'll find anything you like, not neccessarily the truth. You must, if you're honest, accept strong hadiths. Muslims do. If you refuse to do so you have no part in any honest debate.

I do need some coffee.

Anonymous said...

> all together I find your comment incoherent...

I doubt that, it's not that hard to understand. It's a cheap shot though, brought on by seeing that someone receiving emails such as the one posted earlier could so easily accepted as being from the bogey man.

> I assume you're denying, ineffectively, that Mohammed did...

Actually, I posted what I wanted to post, so I'm not to sure where you got this assumption. Particularly as it had nothing to do with the post that I made a direct reference to.

> What, if anything, your point is, will have to await some further clarity...

Well, as you are practically begging me for a response for you to flex your research over and flatter your readership, who am I to disappoint? :)

You're suggesting, are you, that a belief in the hadith is mandatory for muslims? I know you have all the lingo down, 'isnads', etc., so I'm sure you also know that the Bukhari hadith that you refer to were written a couple of hundred years after the fact, right?

> Search and ye shall find. But then, you'll find anything you like, not neccessarily the truth...

What you're saying above is that I can look all I like, but I'll be be wrong until I find your version? There's another group who I've seen use that logic for the purpose of furthering hate - Al Muhajiroun. You sound more like them than you would believe.

I drink coffee too, see you're just like me.

Knock yourself out.

Anonymous said...


That anonymous death threat was not from a "man", but a 6 year old virgin.

Anonymous said...

When we talk about 'toleration' of muslims, lets examine that very word. It means to put up with regarding a dislike/disdain for. Personally im therefore sick of 'tolerating' these muslims, every day they threaten, bomb or demean our way of life, and i am sick to the back teeth of it. We need to make a stand soon or it will be too late, things are escalating remarkably fast, and this is just over 3 silly pictures for petes sake!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Wow!!! what a racist page!
The writings here remind me of the times in Germany when the cartoons of old-ugly-dirty-deceitful Jews were published all around, and when signs of "NO JEWS ALLOWED!" posted at the entrance of towns. I have only two things to say:
- It is not "freedom of expression" to bully or to try to create racial hatred
- The Muslims have the right to feel offended, and look for justice. However, they have a lot to learn from the Jews in terms of "how" to look for justice. Not by reacting violently, but rather going to the international arena, using media, using non-violent means.

Here is an interesting reading from another blog, the answers are not easy:
"At school when an induvidual chooses to make fun of his fellow class mate, to indult him and throw stuff at him, all this can seem so funny. Its totally 'democratic', a freedom of choice, the kid must learn to laugh it off and deal with it.
What if the kid wants to be left alone. He has his own sense of respect. His own space. But the bully keeps comming at him. Day after day. With new jokes and smart alek comments. Then preaching the 'democratic way', the way of freely insulting others and then commanding them to smile.

Now how do you expect the kid to deal with this bully. Talk it over! Really, has that EVER worked for you at school. I would like to ask you 'democratic' folk: how can one get some personal space here? How can the bully just let the kid be? How can the kid gain some respect? How can he get a piece of mind? How?"

dag said...

One small but important point is that you have somehow come to the conclusion that Isalm is a race. Think it over for a second. What race do you think you're refering to?

You're certainly welcome to write any nosnsense things you like here, but next time you write that Islam is a race we'll have to point out that you don't learn quickly enough to be taken seriously.

The remainder of you post was incoherent. Sorry we can't comment on anything like that. Please sit for a while, formulate clear thoughts, and then review what you've written to see if they will make sense to those who require sense to understand.

Anonymous said...

Hey dag, you are a bully :)
Have you kicked other boys in your classroom or stole their lunches when you were a kid? I bet you did!

Anonymous said...

Stop immigration, save Western Civilization.

dag said...

That doesn't seem entirely practical at the personal level, friend. What might be moreso? Ah, that would be up to the individual to decide.

VigilantAmerican said...

TerrorIslam is spreading like a disease throughout the world, and it is becoming very clear that we are headed for all-out war. We in the West who are civilized must, unfortunately, face the fact that in order to survive we will have to behave like terrible savages and slaughter large numbers of ragheads. It's the ugly truth, and anyone who pretends otherwise is only giving the ragheads more time to plot and murder us. I have no problem with using nuclear weapons on the populations of wild, rabid supporters of Jihad in any country we have to. Why waste our young men in hand-to-hand combat? We Americans have liberated Afghanistan and Iraq, only to have the ragheads prove that they and their culture are unworthy or our sacrifices; our outright love. Enough. Let's round them all up and send them back.

dag said...

There are policy decisions that we, regardless of our enthusiams, cannot effect. We can't really nuke anyone, we being citizens and civilians rather than dictators and rulers. We can't nuke anyone, we can't deport anyone, we can't arrest anyone.

Look at it this way: if a writer here claims he is a policeman and that he can indeed arrest a criminal suspect, he is not writing that as an individual but as one part of a larger system. He has no power to make policy. He might or might not arrest, but he does so as part of the whole system. We, as citizens, do not have those powers, nor does the individual man who happens to be a policeman. He has police powers from outside, not from himself. So, look at what you can do as you are.

What practical things can you, as one person, do? You can do little alone in a strategic sense, but tactically you can do a great deal. I'll post again soon on the Blue Scarf movement to further explain what that might mean in practical terms. It is, after all, a practical matter when you get shot or bombed by Muslims, so it makes sense to be as practical in response to that threat as one can be.

Anonymous said...


dag said...


Anonymous said...

what a sick lot you are. and a raceist as well.

Anonymous said...

just look into Danish history, is full of rape and looting and almost all the population is result of mass rape.

Anonymous said...



dag said...

The one who wrote that we are raceists might note that the correct spelling in "racist." It's a small point but one that might hone the mind for further intellectual activities, one being differentiating between ethnicity and creed, for example. Now, I'm a lazy copy editor, I'll grant you that. I don't so much misspell as not bother to check after I've written to ensure that my mistakes are fixed. And sometimes I'a too lazy to correct a passive construction in my own writing even though I'm all over those others who write them. But I liek to think, and here I may well be corrected in turn, that I do know the difference between a race and a religion. Need I point out that difference to you? It seems I must. But I don't think that's realy the issue here. I think the person who conflates race and religion does so not because he's too stupid to know the difference: I think the person who does that is too stupid to think at all, preferring instead to rely on other peoples' cliches to communicate for him, saving him even the minimum effort of having to make up his or her own cliches. However, in the final point here, we all thank you for your contribution.