Monday, January 23, 2006

The Persian View

Title: She needs to get married
Name: prince of Persia
City: IRAN

On Condaleezza Rice:

This female monster needs to get married and leave the politics aside, then we might hope for a less depressing news. Oh one thing I should remind every one is that PERSIANS fight like lions and death is not feared by us, so don`t ever scare my proud nation by nonsense comments. We don`t want to harm anyone including jews living in the occupied palestine, but if some people decide to mess with our honor, they are indeed opening the doors of hell for themselves. By the way we don`t have any problem with jewish faith, but we are most disturbed by the idea of Zionism.


Anonymous said...

How come mullahs are provoking the west for war

They might get it from Isreal .. the country which should not exist

eyesallaround said...

I'm sure Condi really gives a damn what these twits think.

Jauhara said...

Chaos is what they want, friends. Total chaos. The very spirit of confusion. That is an end unto itself for them.

dag said...

It's the condition of normal people that the outside world is in harmony with the mental world. Happy people live in security and wealth and comfort with themselves and their surroundings. Those who are mad in brains turn the world around them into a manifestation of the interior. Looking at a person's bedroom tells much. Looking at Palestinians says it all.

Pastorius said...

This sounds like a gangbanger talking. It's all about honor, and not being "dissed." What pathetic children.

The problem we have in our modern world is gangbangers can, possibly, get access to nuclear weapons.

That's why you can't flash the wrong colors, or stand on the wrong corner anymore.

In Oxnard, CA, in the late-80's/early 90's, the police did a little experiment. They agreed that they all knew who the troublemakers were. Sp, they decided that instead of randomly policing the entire area, they would, instead, concentrate on the individuals who were dangerous. Within a year, or so, they had arrested and prosecuted most of the troublemakers.

That's what we need to do with the Islamofascists. Within our borders, that means an expansion of surveillance (which is, of course, counter to the Democrat wave), and outside our borders, that means taking out an entire swath of the Arab World. The regimes of Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia need to go bye bye. And, we need to do our best to replace them with Democratic Republics, where Jihad, subjugation of women, and Sharia are banned.

dag said...

I think much comes to attitude and will. I know a man who,in his eighties, slipped while shovelling snow off his sidewalk and broke his back on the stoop. He crawled to the post office and pounded on the door till someone opened up and let him crawl in. He recovered from it, and died in this late nineties. He was just one guy. No one would recall him. In his day he was much like al the others of his age and time.

We too are made of the same stuff. It's how we use what we are that makes us do what we do. That comes, I believe, from attitude and will. If Ms. Rice has it, I'm all for her. The Iranian lion above is all pussy. He'll die like a dog.