Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Limpieza Social, Escuadrónas de la Muerte, and You.

When one mentions "social cleansing," the first thing most people assume is "death squads." There's no reason to assume that today's common assumptions are particularly meaningful to those other than today's opinionators. Things change, and so do assumptions from here to there and in between. Social cleansing might to some mean the Nazi genocide against Jews, the murder of Gypsies, the killing of eugenically unwanted others in German territories, e.g. the deaf, and so on. But that's not the end of understanding social cleansing, nor the end of death squads. When I think of these things, I think of you.

My friend Rachel pointed out, (that depending on where one is and where one comes from,) how strange normal can be. Most people are "normal." That can mean some horrible things about horrible people. But it means they are, if not now, at least born educable. Maybe now they're beyond redemption, so enured to evil that they're beyond redemption in the greater world of Man. I'm one of those "normal" types. If I had my druthers, I'd kill a lot of folks. That would be a good thing. That's why I think of you.

A buddy once said, "There should be an ad. in the paper calling for death squad members." Long pause waiting for me to jump in saying I'd join up. "And then they should kill those who answer." So, I think of you, and I wonder who will protect you from lunatics who will come to the call. That call comes daily, sometimes in the newspaper. Funny how so few people pay attention to the fact that it's so obvious and lethal, and that the call is well attended. We see it every day. It's not that no one says anything about it, which might be some relief, it's that so many are so enthused about it, or at least in excusing it and then glamorising it. If it were up to me, I'd kill lots of those folks. I'd kill them because they want to kill you, and I assume, rightly for the most part, that you are what I would call normal. You, dear reader, are not likely one to call for social cleansing. More likely still, you're not likely to go out and try to do it by killing strangers at random just because of the way they live their lives, well or not-- according to you. I take you, the average reader, to be a normal and decent person who has no real concern about the lives of most people. I assume you're a private person with a personal life that you live to the best of your ability. I like that, and I hope it for most if not all people. But we know that there are many who take the call personally and go forth and cleanse till the blood runs thick and deep in the streets. I'd join up in killing such folks, at least in my dreams.

When we use the Spanish language to cite death squads practising social cleansing, we mean something evil. We limit our understanding to Spanish-speaking people, mostly "right wing" death squads run by military dictators in dark sunglasses and shady multi-millionaires emerging occasionally from luxury jungle retreats for photo ops with minor European politicians, when we speak of "Death Squads." Why? well, obviously, Death Squads are bad, and for the average multi-culti suburbanite metro-sexual at a cocktail party it won't do to speak well of such people. Say "Death Squad" and everyone cringes and hisses. Call them damned near anything else and one finds a swarm of simpering Leftards lining up to coo and mince. I'm not saying we should kill the average Obama-supporting idiot just because they support, at least in word if not in deed, death squads. If one were to punch such a person in the face and then piss on his proneness, well, being the nice guy that I am, I'd have to say that's not right. When it comes to those who promote death squads, actively pursue their formation and delegation and entry into the world to do their work, those are folks I would happily kill with my own bare hands. I don't like death squad people. When they kill normal and average people like you, which they do on a daily basis, I don't care what leftards call them. Leftards make me sick; and I would kill the death escuardranos, no matter what others call them.

But I'm not killing anyone, and I don't intend to. I'm pretty average and normal, given that I live in a land of law and reason. I just live my life privately and wish others would do the same. But they don't and they won't and probably they can't. Our nation is filling up with people who are or will be death squad members, and they are actively encouraged to kill at random by cheerleaders among us. What I'd like to do and what I will do have little in common. Stirling Silliphant writes that if you could be invisible and no one would ever know what you did, what would you do? One man writes that if he were invisible it wouldn't matter, he'd still look the same to his wife. He's lucky. I think many people would find they look pretty bad to themselves. I think I would. But I live in the real world where thoughts aren't yet outright crimes. So I'm not killing anyone. Not even members of death squads. I don't even punch out Death Hippies cheering on death squad members. I should, but I don't.

Europeans aren't even the worst for cheering death squads on. We can find Americans going at it full-tilt. Europeans are mostly cowards, plainly so since that's what they do, cower and tremble and give favours to death escuadranos. Call it what we will, acting that way is cowardly. But Americans doing that must be, for the most part, really into it for some evil reason. But America just ain't Europe. In America we don't always roll over and grit our teeth when we get screwed. Sometimes, sometimes even often, we fight back. That makes me concerned about you, dear average person reader.

How long till you face the death squads in person in your home and find you have to fight on your own because the Death Hippies have let the death squads loose in your land? When our government condemns you for anguishing over the destruction of our nation and our homes, when our government and our social leaders are committed to promoting death squads in our land against you, when you are the ones to be socially cleansed from the nation, then my thoughts turn to you, and I wonder: Are you as lazy and apathetic as I? Will you sit back and let yourself and your family and community be slaughtered by death squads because to object raises the ire of Death Hippies who love death squads on the loose?

Everything gets to be normal if one lives with it long enough. You can, maybe will, maybe have already, accustomed yourself to strange and evil. Death squads run amok and we mostly don't do a thing about it. Leftists cheer them on. I sit and wonder how long you can stand it.

They rampage against each other, dear reader. I wonder what they would do to you.
The decapitated head of a gang member is seen on the ground after a prison riot in Guatemala City.



Jewel -The Testy Infidel said...

Euphemism is always used to hide the dreadful taste of the poison it is obfuscating. Euthanasia is a euphemism. Eutopia vs. Utopia. Go with Eutopia every time, sounds the same but amped up a hundred percent with added 'goodness' that is euphemism....I'm reposting this, by the way on my own blog, with kudos to your own bad self....killer.

Dag said...

Thank you, Jewel. It's always a pleasure to see you and read your comments and posts.

Love that costume!