Saturday, August 07, 2010

Get your kicks

Life is temporary, a gift, a big win in a cosmic lottery. I like it. It's mine, and I like spending it like a wild guy, or sometimes like a miser, or sometimes like a sick man who can't even move to the toilet. But I get my kicks. I've gotten some on Route Sixty Six.

I've been kicked pretty hard some times. I laugh about it, even when I'm kicked. Roll with it. Swing with it. Dig it, and groove with it. Crazy, man. Yeah, dig that crazy beat. Dig that crazy ditch. The ditch to die in.

I live in a nice apartment now, and I'm giving it up to hit the road again, real hard. I have a really nice place to live, and I'm giving it up to wander around. I will wander and find me a fine young cannibal like Susan Kohner, some exquisite beauty who moves me. Or I'll keep on moving. It'll be a few months before I set off, and till then I will wander around this place, looking at the wonder that is life at this parallel place. Then, the stars aligned in other ways, there, somewhere, a giant black cat stretched across the night sky above the South China Sea, maybe I'll bob till the chill takes me. Or something. It's life. One can never tell what kicks come.

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