Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Let us now praise Anjem Choudhary

I've sat on this story for a few days, and now I think it needs a bit of introduction to save me from coming across like a maniac as bad as the subject below.

I take the position that some people will transgress all good behaviour if there are no boundaries to show them where a reasonable man would halt; and worse, that some will go far beyond set boundaries if there is no price to pay for having a good time at the expense of every living thing regardless. Some people are scum. If no one stops them from behaving badly, they just keep on going. One such fellow is Anjem Choudhary of England, a Muslim clown who loves getting himself on the telly being a bad boy. He loves the act, and he causes endless grief to those who have to watch his performances, people who have, for example, lost loved ones in our wars against jihad. Chaudhary and his mates provoke families of fallen soldiers with Muslim chanting of death to British soldiers. He not only gets away with such outrageous behaviour, he is amply rewarded by the British state, given some good amounts of cash on the dole. The government basically pays him to perform this kind of evil clown stunt.

Where I come from, and it's not so typical of America, really, a guy who acted as badly as does Choudhary would be killed by people in the area. We have our rough justice, which I don't say I agree with. If a guy beats his wife, for example, and his mates warn him to stop and he won't and doesn't, then he has an accident. That's how it is where I come from; and I let you know, people are very friendly, open, welcoming, and delighted to meet strangers there. It's the kind of place you'd like to visit. That's because we follow rules and don't break them without payment. I like that system. So, I like Choudhary. He breaks every good rule of behaviour one can think of, and he does so flamboyantly, rubbing the faces of the English in their cowardice to the point that someone, sometime or other, is going to make a prime example of him. In the long term-- even in the short term-- it saves a lot of marginal people from committing disgraceful acts. They soon enough learn there is a price to pay for such misbehaviour. That is a lesson no one is teaching as yet in Britain. But the time will come, and sooner rather than later if the likes of Choudhary continue acting like this. There's a limit, and this fool is pushing to the max. I like it. The more outrageous he is, the better. Thus, I wrote earlier and now post:

British television host Jeremy Clarkson provokes Muslim clown Anjem Choudhary to shout about “rivers of blood” on Britain’s streets. Clarkson said on television that he saw a muslima tip over in front of him, and he saw that she wore a g-string under her burka. It's the end of the world, folks. Now Choudhary is calling for murder and death.

Oh. Same shit again. I love this monkey. It creeps me out to see him eat a banana without peeling it, but such is culture, I s'pose. The jihadi stuff, I like that a lot. Choudhary is my friend.


[H]ate preacher Anjem Choudary warned Islamic fanatics will “go to war” to protect the honour of their women.

He declared: “Clarkson may think he was funny or was telling a joke when he said these things. “But this is not funny to everyone. And by making fun or disrespecting the burka and Muslim women he has deeply offended many people. It is a grave offence to disrespect a Muslim woman. People have gone to war to protect the honour of Muslim women. And they will go to war again. Clarkson has stirred a hornets’ nest among young Islamic fundamentalists. He has fanned the flames of their cause. I believe that one day Britain, and indeed every part of the world, will be governed by and under the authority of the Muslims implementing Islamic Law. And it will happen. It may come peacefully. But it may come through a holy war that will see rivers of blood on the streets. Clarkson has brought this day closer.”

We can only hope. But since I do hope, Choudhary is my friend.

So, no, Choudhary is obviously not my friend. I long for the day that men and women stand up to this fool and take back their culture and make England a social and decent place for ordinary people. It's going to take a lot of pushing to make them react like adults to this too prevalent juvenile provocation, but it must happen sooner or later. Sooner is better, and Choudhary's childish behaviour is helping that day come.


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I really like this post -

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