Friday, March 14, 2008

Wilders and the Dragon's Teeth

"This complex attachment to multiculturalism [is] owed to several reasons, including a guilt connected to the Netherlands' colonialist past," [Dutch immigration expert Paul] Scheffer says. "And it's also connected to a sense of guilt vis-à-vis what happened to the Jewish community in the Holocaust. Eighty-five percent of Holland's Jews died in the Holocaust. The country's Nazi party had some 100,000 members. Wilders also says he sees this as one of the reasons for "a misguided policy of appeasement" toward some radical elements in the Netherlands' Muslim community.

Lifted whole from Brussels Journal is the face of the future:

"People Who Vote Wilders Must Die"

From the desk of Thomas Landen on Fri, 2008-03-14 09:53

A Moroccan youth group from Delft in the Netherlands, calling themselves "Scheme 015 Delftse Samenzwering Shit," [samenzwering means conspiracy] has posted a video clip threatening to kill voters and sympathizers of Dutch politician Geert Wilders. The clip shows a group of Moroccans youths provoking two Dutch lads on a crowded public train. The hooded Moroccans ask the lads, who are dressed in black, what the badges on their clothes mean. At first the lads do not react. When the Moroccans start pulling at the lads' clothes the latter ask to be left alone. At this the Moroccans grab them from their seats and beat them up.

The clip ends with the warning: Fuck al die Wilders aanhangers want denk na: boontje komt voor ze loontje!!!! [F**k all those who support Wilders because you had better realize: one will reap the consequences of one's actions!!!!"]

There are any number of ideas about what Islam is today, ranging from the laughable "Islam is th religion of peace" to Islam is a 7th century tribal code governing the lives of people in the 21st century to Islam is a fascist poligion. Today I will add that Islam is a lumpen criminality.

The majority of Muslims in the world are at best barely literate, mostly on the verge of starvation, backward in deeds and enterprise, reeling from the onslaughts of foreign intrusions into their weak cultures, and on the edge of extermination by private forces from the world around them. Islam began as a criminal enterprise, as a motivational gimmick to encourage and justify theft, rape, murder and conquest. It has never changed from the first days the warlord Mohammed at Yathrib, and it is now a deflated and dirty criminal enterprise not able to make inroads anywhere in the world of its own volition. Islam exists only where it is supported in the physic by outside forces, by foreign aid, by foreign care, by foreign cheer-leading. The result is an even weaker Islam that the Islam of 50 years ago, a force then spent in word and deed. Islam today is a mere shadow of its former criminal self. Today, Islam is openly a teenage gangster affectation. Today, Islam is nothing other than a cheap parody of it violent and criminal past. Islam today is merely ghetto bravado and occasional murder in small and dirty ways. Islam today is an allowance from self-indulgent Westerners too sated by consumerism and religion as sentimentality to bother to squish Islam into the sand. Islam is a dirty little indulgence we allow because we are amused by its vivid performances of street theater and noisy distraction from our daily mediocrities. Ghetto kiddies with home-made bombs entertaining us in a smallish tantrum give us thrills from afar, give us opportunities to emote, give us platforms to posture from, give us this day or daily pablum of superficial moral indignation to spit out at those who fawn over us, our leaders who hate us. Cheap crap, this fawning, this playing at coolness and pity and moralistic pretense. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The nice-girl life of average men is coming to a crashing close. It's finished now in all but the final acts of fury. This. That. Let's fawn. Let's pout and scold and pretend we don't see the plain. No. Let's not. Guilt? Spit.

There is an underground of men and women who lived that fine day and who will not rest again till the filth is swept away and dumped for good in the ashcan of history. The kiddies with the swagger and the spittle and the gutter sermons, they have found some ready to finish off the crime that is Islam. Beat boys on the subway, pay later. In this and in the centuries and millennia, Islam has sown the dragon's teeth. Today Islam has no jewel to toss. Tomorrow they face the face of the grown.

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truepeers said...

Sure there's a global intifada.

But how do you explain those who are clearly well organized, the Muslim Brotherhood reps writing columns in our newspapers, those teaching in our universities, building mosques, funding centers of Islamic studies, working at IBM, etc. etc.

It seems to me you don't want to face, intellectually, the many true believers in Mohammed who don't engage in street violence but still live in hope of transcending the ugliness of Western decadence with some kind of renewed Islamic code. Utopian, perhaps; but if so no less dangerous for that... on the other hand, when not given any kind of political or constitutional status, certain primitive or baroque ritual codes are indeed conducive to keeping people disciplined and productive amid the temptations of free market society. Take the Mormons, for example.