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Wildebeests, yes; Beastly Wilders, no.

Netherlands television stations refuse to broadcast Geert Wilders 15 minute film, Fitna, as he has asked, and now he's not able to afford the rent of a press centre at the Hague to show it in a grand public display. Instead, the film will happen on the Internet. And more films from the Netherlands will be on the Internet as well, though they won't casue much disturbance among the U.N., the E.U., the ummah, or the Usual Suspects lurking somewhere off to the left-hand side of reality: The Netherlands is seemingly famous for making "sex with animals" videos. And I thought they were kidding about sex-monkeys.

Wilders decides against press conference on film

THE HAGUE – Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders will not give a press conference to present his anti-Koran film Fitna. He is putting "all his efforts" into ensuring that the film can be seen on the internet at the end of this month.

Since no broadcaster was willing to show Fitna in its entirety, Wilders had planned to present the film in press centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague. But in that case he would have to cover the costs of security for the building himself. That would cost several hundred thousand euro, the politician said.

His calculations are based on a risk analysis which indicates that various security measures would be necessary before and after the press presentation.

"It is too expensive", Wilders said Tuesday. He does not want to ask the government for the money. Nor will Parliament look for an alternative location since that would lead to further talks and delay.

If no Dutch or foreign broadcaster offers to show Fitna in its entirety, Wilders will put the film on the internet.

He would like to do that as soon as possible but it still requires a great deal of preparation, to prevent the website from being blocked by mass numbers of visitors clicking on the film at the same time for instance....
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Churchmen in the Netherlands are freaked-out over Wilders' film, but doing the wild thing with your favorite goat?

Dutch Parliamentarian Investigates Sex of Humans with Animals; Dutch Parliament condemns Wilders' Film

Harm Evert Waalkens (Labor) claims that there is a significant amount of sex with animals in the Netherlands. It is only punishable if the police can prove that the animal suffered pain. He added that the Netherlands is a refuge for producers of pornographic films on sex with animals and has a market share of 65%. He said that in his investigations he discovered an entire industry and was told that, if he succeeded in passing more stringent laws against such films, it would lead to unemployment.... Mehdi Safari, Iran's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has suggested to the Dutch Foreign Minister, Maxime Verhagen, that the Netherlands should prohibit showing the proposed movie on the Quran, incitement and violence by Freedom Party leader, Geert Wilders, on the basis of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. He added that, if the film is shown, Dutch products may be boycotted in Iran.... "While the Danish government is perceived as an "accomplice" in the offence, the Dutch government is "trying to prevent (the broadcast of Wilders' film) to the extent that its authority permits," and this might tone down the Muslim reaction...."

Is it me or is there something weird about a nation that worries over unemployement in the sex with animals trade but bends over backward, as it were to avoid upsetting crazed jihadis who threaten to murder a Dutch politician? Just asking. In fact, I wanted to ask the average Dutchman, but before I could I found this instead:

A number of residents of Venlo – the town where Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders was born – who have the same surname, have received death threats. They received a letter saying that they must do everything in order to prevent the movie being shown. The recipients told the police that they are not related to Geert Wilders.


Sex with wildebeests, ja, but flee those beastly Wilderses.

The news for the past few days has been from the mainstream media the usual nonsense, this occasion being to give the general population the impression that Wilders threw in the towel over not being able to show his film at the Hague. See the first line below:

"THE HAGUE, 08/03/08 - Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has given up on his efforts to persuade a Dutch television broadcaster to show his Koran film."

Yesterday that was the Party line in the msm. It's somewhat different today:

Not a single broadcaster wants to show the film in full and without breaks, the MP confirmed Friday. "It makes freedom of expression of broadcasters a hollow phrase," he said. "I am stopping the negotiations."

The reporting we endure daily would encourage a nasty guy to suggest that many journalists give up the media they're in now and take up something a little more within their talents. I refer of course to the story above.

OH! I mean the one about the religious types. I'm shocked. What a dirty mind you have, Bessie.

Wilders says he has discussed showing his film with five editors of programmes. The politician may see whether a broadcaster abroad would like to show his film. "But I have not yet been occupied with this," said Wilders.

None of this information was available to me yesterday, that Wilders might look for another venue. I wisely postponed my provisional post.

It is also by no means certain that the film can be shown in the Nieuwspoort international press centre (IPC) in The Hague. The IPC wants Wilders to pay for the costs of extensive security measures, while nearby shops are threatening him with damages claims for loss of sales on the day - likely 28 March - that he wants to show the film in the IPC.

You would be forgiven for thinking nearby shops would lose business on sales of wooden shoes and cheese. As likely is that nearby stores sell porn and booze and open their doors to stoned gamblers.

Wilders wants to depict his view in the short film that the Koran is a Fascist book that incites to hatred. The film will definitely be shown on the website, for which the server is in the US.


The Netherlands government is concerned about a drop-off in Dutch improts to Islamic nations if Wilders' film goes public. What? Are Iranian mullahs going to boycott Dutch sex with goat movies?

International tension grows over Wilders' film

International pressure on the Netherlands over the controversial anti-Koran film by Dutch MP Geert Wilders is growing...

On Wednesday Reuters news service reported that Iran's deputy foreign minister said the Netherlands has the power to stop Wilders from screening the film about the Koran which has already sparked protests in the Muslim world.

'The Netherlands is responsible ...they can stop it,' Mahdi Safari told Reuters, urging the Dutch government to invoke the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Freedom of speech should not stretch to allowing Wilders to offend the rights of others, he added.

'If such a man will insist on this it is irresponsible for the world and society," Safari told journalists at a briefing after meeting Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen, reports Reuters.

Both Safari and Iran's ambassador to the Netherlands Bozorgmehr Ziaran said they could not predict the reaction of the world's 1.2 billion Muslims to the film, or prevent possible violence. 'Why would you expect us to control 1.2 billion Muslims when you cannot control one person,' Ziaran is quoted as saying. He added Wilders sought to violate Muslim's rights by demonising them, and was a war-monger and troublemaker.


Meanwhile Wilders has told the media that his short film will not be presented at a press conference although he will be available to answer journalists' questions when the film is released on the internet. The 15-minute film is due to be released on March 28.

Yes, there are some problems in the Netherlands, and the Churches of the nation, like the good pastors they are, want to talk it over with a sinner like Wilders and set him on the straight and narrow. Now, did I even seem like I was making a "pastors and their sheep" joke? No, like the good Dutch religious establishment, I am serious and have my priorities straight and narrow.

Churches in Utrecht Distance Themselves from Wilders' Movie

The Municipal Council of Churches in Utrecht has sent an open letter to all mosques in the town in which the Council distances itself in advance of the broadcast of the movie "Fitna" by Geert Wilders. It says that this film depreciates the freedom of religion in the Netherlands, which was so difficult to acquire. ****

OK, so some Dutch Christian leaders are outright loony and stupid. Forget about Christians. We can turn then to the genuinely moderate Muslims we hear so much about but so seldom see. They are the
Ahmadiyyans, considered by the overwhelmingly vast if not almost entire Muslim population to be non-Muslim heretics. But let's take what we can get and be happy.

Abdul Aziz, the Press Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Community, Sri Lanka said:

"For the past few years Mr Geert Wilders has conducted a vicious and cruel campaign against Islam during which he has caused great pain to millions of Muslims worldwide through his attacks on the blessed character of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Holy Qur'an.

Now Mr Wilders has chosen to develop a film about Islam which given his previous statements must be expected to further his anti-Islamic agenda through baseless propaganda. His Political Party claims that its fundamental principle is 'Freedom of the Individual', yet Mr Wilders continues to try and prevent Muslims from living freely and peacefully."

There have been a number of reports that suggest that if the film is released it could lead to the type of violence witnessed in 2006 upon the printing in Denmark of caricatures depicting the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him). The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has always and will always condemn any form of violence which can never be justified as Islam is a peaceful religion. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community lives by its motto 'Love for All, Hatred for None' and unlike the manifesto of Mr Wilders' Political Party, the message of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is adhered to by all of its members throughout the world.

Abdul Aziz further said:

"If this film is released it will no doubt hurt the sentiment of Muslims worldwide, but it is hoped that all Muslims follow the lead of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community by exhibiting their displeasure in a wholly peaceful manner."

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community commends the decision of Dutch Television Broadcasters who have thus far unanimously decided against showing Mr Wilders film.

- Asian Tribune:

And now back to our regularly programmed schedule of really baaaahd movies. Down, Rover!

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