Friday, March 14, 2008

The Fitna of Rebirth

Religion might well have much to do with the supernatural but it still has more to do with its etymological sense than with God: Religion is a binding. Rage as we might and often do against the Muslim laws against apostasy, the binding that is religion in Islam is sensible if one accepts it as a binding force rather than as a punishment and a misoneism. If one looks at the nature of religion as a binding of community and the communion of souls in a stronger force than any one man can be alone of himself, then religion is the best thing one can find; and in Islam, the binding is near perfection. The binding is near total, nearly "totalitarian," as Mussolini meant when he coined the term, when Mussolini created secular Fascism, a binding. To speak out against the whole nation, against the whole people, against the core and the reason for living, it is a harm to all caused by the one. No one person is so important that he should go against the nature of the whole people, not even the genius of the nation, not even the Great Leader, he who can only be great in that he is the embodiment of the whole. The alien, the outsider, the apostate, the one who says no when all others say yes, he, the blasphemer, is naturally evil. So it is in Islam, and so it is in The Netherlands. As it is in the ummah, so is apostasy in the collectivist welfare states of Europe. Geert Wilders is an apostate and a heretic.

"Law against blasphemy to be scrapped," by political editor John Tyler; Radio Netherlands; 13-03-2008

A majority in the Dutch parliament, led by the ruling Labour Party, wants to scrap a law which fines or even imprisons people who commit blasphemy. But although the law isn't used anymore, even debating whether or not to scrap it is sensitive. The Christian parties in Dutch politics have always argued to keep it on the books.

Now, tension is high in anticipation of far right Dutch MP Geert Wilders' film, which is expected to be considered blasphemous by most Muslims. And although there's a majority for scrapping the law, government is not asked to get rid of it immediately.
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Wilders is hurting the common bond in the Netherlands. He would break it.

Up to a Quarter of Non-Western Immigrants Marry Within Family

The National Institute for Environmental Hygiene (RIVM) has investigated the high percentage of infant mortality in Rotterdam. It concluded that this is related to the fact that many non-Western immigrants marry within their own families. Up to 25% of Turks in the Netherlands and 20% of the Moroccans have done so, which causes far more genetic problems than are common in the general population, where only about 1 per thousand would marry within his own family.

Wilders' film, Fitna, takes its name from the wars of succession in the early years of Islam, a time when those who demanded power for themselves and their would-be dynasties fought against each other in centuries-long wars, in fitna.

The binding of the umma, the binding of the communion of souls that is our politic conformity in the Modernity of our time, all of it is religion. Some bonds cut so tight the blood ceases to flow and the rot sets in. Sometimes only fitna is the answer to continued survival.

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