Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dutch Flood Approaching Coastal Areas

There is no such thing as Left and Right in politics. The whole concept is a sham. What difference between dhimmis on the so-called Left like Tiny Munchkins and dhimmis on the so-called Right like Le Pen? Today in the Houses of the World as divided in Islam there is only the meaningful distinction between jihadis and those who filibuster. Jihadis kill for Islam, and those who filibuster must engage them and fight back if the West is to prevail and if Humanity is to gain further from our Revolutions of Modernity, of peace, individual freedom, and freedom from want and disease. If we want to maintain and further our democracies, we must struggle. The Dutch, if not struggling, are at least becoming further fed-up daily with dhimmitude, and politicians are listening at last.

Left-wing MPs reject anti-racism demo invite

Thursday 20 March 2008

Left-wing MPs have rejected an invitation by an anti-racism organisation to join a demonstration in Amsterdam on Saturday, saying they fear it could turn into an anti-Geert Wilders event.

They have also refused to accept a petition opposing Wilders' PVV party, saying their role is to combat his opinions in parliament, the Volkskrant reports on its website.

'The organisation Nederland Bekent Kleur' (the Netherlands recognises colour) is against polarisation but is polarising itself,' Labour MP Khadija Arib (photo) said in the Telegraaf.

The organisation told NOS news it was the first time all MPs had turned down an invitation to take part.


Even Leftist politicians in a democracy like the Netherlands are now finding it impossible to go along with the fringe who have lead round the nation by the nose so long. A democracy of sorts, the Dutch political classes still have to get re-elected, and they are seeing the discontent of the masses regarding the nature of Islam in Europe, a discontent they can no longer ignore with impunity. Sane people who rely on empirical proofs rather than ideological bias to inform and to form their actions have had it with out-of-control Muslims. Now even politicians are heeding the will of those who vote en masse. Geert Wilders is looking like a winner.

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