Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sid Hindy Fart the Pog.

WOW, did we ever make a big mistake in our reportage. It turns out the Muslims are all innocent and so too is Sid Vicious Ryan. I hope they cut off my head. Good chance of it, actually.


Alvin Chand, brother of Toronto suspect Steven Vikash Chand, scoffed at the charges outside the courthouse as several officers held surveillance positions on surrounding rooftops and a helicopter circled.

"He's not a terrorist, come on, he's a Canadian citizen," Chand said of his brother. "The people that were arrested are good people. They go to the mosque. They go to school, go to college."

Aly Hindy, an imam at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in east-end Toronto, said the centre's mosque had been monitored by security agencies for years. He said Muslims were once again being falsely accused.

"It's not terrorism. It could be some criminal activity with a few guys, that's all," said Hindy.

"We are the ones always accused."


The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a release condemning terrorism "in all its forms" but also reminded that the accused are presumed innocent.

The father of accused Shareef Abdelhaleen, a 30-year-old computer programmer from nearby Mississauga, said the charges made no sense.

"I am shocked," said the Egyptian immigrant who came to Canada with his son 20 years ago and is an engineer on contract with Atomic Energy of Canada.

"It's crazy. It has no meaning whatsoever."

Well, I'm convinced!

And what about Sid Vicious Ryan of CUPE? He's a fookin' saint!

"CUPE boss explains reasons for boycott."


We have a history of supporting just causes at home and abroad. That is why our members, at their 2003 national convention, supported a resolution calling on the Israeli government to withdraw immediately from the occupied territories and to abide by the UN Resolution 242 and 338. As well, they agreed to actively work toward an end to all acts of violence that take the lives of innocent people, whether they be Palestinian or Israeli.

But they are frustrated with a government that continues to construct a wall that was declared illegal in 2004 by the International Court of Justice. They voted with many church congregations, a large number of organisations in Quebec and other unions around the world to support a boycott campaign against Israel.


National Post, June 3, 2006: p. A17


OK, I'm bored. I'm not typing anything else from his letter.

But I like this line so much I'm reprinting it just because:

"It's crazy. It has no meaning whatsoever."

I so dearly want to hang Sid Vicious. Of course, the Muslims are all innocent. Sid is innocent too, as we read above, but I want to hang him anyway. Before they cut off my foolish head.

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