Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The French Disease.

France is having a chilly Spring this year.

"All we need is a pretext for everything to begin again," said Joana, 15. Like other youths in the neighborhood, she refused to give her surname, saying she feared that discussing the situation with a journalist could lead to trouble with police or with her peers.

Patrick Hamon said by telephone: ``It is too early to say what this might become.''

"It's impossible to deny the evidence: this was premeditated,"
said Sarkozy.

Time will tell what my crystal ball cannot: The state of France is crumbling into mental illness before our eyes, and the French cannot see it. It is obvious to any who give a moment's thought to France that the Muslims therein will continue their rampages until they are stopped by main force. Yes, there is a large, perhaps a huge segment of the French population who feel that the Muslims can be bought off. Some placebo might effect the course of history. No, it won't happen. The Muslims are feral. The violence will continue. Below we see, if only for the record, yet more of what promises to be another fevered saison en enfer.

A season in Hell:

French Police Arrest Youth From 2005 Unrest in Clash (Update2)

May 31 (Bloomberg) -- French riot police, facing stone- throwing youths in two Paris suburbs for the second night, arrested a teenager who was hurt in the incident that sparked France's longest urban unrest last year, police said today.

Yesterday's riots began about 9:30 p.m. in Clichy-sous-Bois and, later, in Montfermeil, two poor suburbs 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the French capital. It was in Clichy-sous-Bois that the 2005 unrest started.

Muhittin Altun, 18, was held last night with 12 others for throwing stones at police and is still in custody, police said. In October, Altun was badly burned by an electric shock when he and two friends hid from pursuing police in an electrical sub- station. The other two died in the incident which sparked three weeks of car-burning and other violence throughout France.

``I will not let them wreak havoc in Clichy, I will not let them wreak havoc in Montfermeil,'' Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy told police in the Seine-Saint Denis department. ``I will not let them wreak havoc on French territory.''

More than 380 extra police have been deployed in the two towns. Six of them were hurt in clashes and about a dozen cars were burned last night, police said. A police helicopter carrying a searchlight hovered over Montfermeil, seeking gangs of youths and material hidden on rooftops that could be used as missiles.

``The government is both very vigilant on everything that concerns security of people and their goods, particularly in this area but also in all sensitive areas,'' government spokesman Jean-Francois Cope said after the weekly cabinet meeting.

`Not a Crisis'

``Last night was not a real crisis, it wasn't that violent,'' police spokesman Patrick Hamon said by telephone. ``It is too early to say what this might become.''

The previous night, more than 100 youths battled with police, injuring seven officers.

``The specter of riots returns every time police go into action,'' Alliance police union chief Jean-Claude Delage told Le Figaro daily. ``We must not give in to this blackmail. It's the people who live there who are the first victims.''

The latest clashes, that ended at around 1:30 a.m., came as judicial investigators planned a reconstruction today of the electrocution in the Clichy-sous-Bois substation that sparked the riots last Oct. 27.

``We've let entire ghettos grow in our country,'' Socialist Party leader Francois Hollande said on France 2 television. Hollande said Sarkozy bore responsibility for the clashes, accusing the Interior Minister of encouraging conflict in anticipation of his bid for the French presidency next year.

In November, more than 10,000 cars and 200 buildings were torched or damaged across France in neighborhoods with large immigrant communities and youth unemployment of more than 30 percent.

Some 15 youths attacked police forces with rocks and projectiles in a housing project in Clichy-sous-Bois about 9 p.m. on Tuesday. The officers responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, and arrested a number of assailants, including Mr. Altun, a national police spokeswoman said. The youths also burned a number of vehicles, including a police car in which four officers were sitting when it was attacked, the police spokeswoman said. They escaped unharmed.

At about 11 p.m., a group of 30 young people started throwing rocks at a police station in neighboring Montfermeil, where the unrest had resumed on Monday night in the wake of the arrest of a local youth earlier in the day.

The situation had calmed down in both towns by about 1.30 a.m. today, the police said. Mr. Altun was arrested about 10 p.m. and released 12 hours later. He is to appear in court at the end of August. Mr. Altun spent more than a month in the hospital for the severe burns he suffered....

"Some youths can be throwing projectiles from the roofs. A microwave oven, sometimes chimneys they take apart and throw into the streets. It's not a particularly unusual thing for us to do," the police spokeswoman said.


A poll in the popular daily Le Parisien in late January found that 82 percent of the French thought no real solution had been put in place for deprived neighborhoods and 86 percent feared that the violence could resume "in the coming months,"

Regional authorities of the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture denied the events were linked to the November riots, describing them as "sporadic incidents which, unfortunately, regularly accompany the work of police officers."

Mr Sarkozy said the violence in Montfermeil was not a spontaneous occurrence but a well-orchestrated strike.

"More than 100 troublemakers set upon you, masked and carrying weapons," he said. "It's impossible to deny the evidence: this was premeditated."

The Left ideologues are in a frenzy of name-calling as per usual. Those of us who demand action against Islam in the West and beyond are roundly condemned as racists, on no grounds whatsoever, while the hate-filled fascist lunatics of the Left commit crimes against Humanity with near impunity.

"...82 percent of the French thought no real solution had been put in place for deprived neighborhoods and 86 percent feared that the violence could resume " 'in the coming months.' "

This was premeditated. There is no cure coming from the socialists' cabinet. When the French cabinet is emptied of snake oil and jizya we will see the cure in all it's skulls and crossed bones. What we see in France is our own future mirrored.We suffer the same illness. Our cure is as is the cure fro the French. Will we swallow it in time to prevent our worst from coming out?


truepeers said...

Dag, do you accord any significance to the idea that 6-6-06 will be used to symbolize a day of infamous deeds?

dag said...

I'm still reeling from Jane's letter below. The way things are going here in Canada I wouldn't be surprised by anything. It'll be interesting to wait for the next two weeks to see if anything 6/6/06 comes about. Amazing things already, and no doubt more to come.

eyesallaround said...

Seems I recall a certain blogger saying things would heat up again when the weather warmed up:>) Good call Dag! You know these freak pretty well:>)

dag said...

After a long life of travelling and reading and listening and thinking I might now be qualified to work as a tour guide to the future we face.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you look to your right you'll see what used to be an edifice of common decency. These ruins....