Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sarko, Ka, Betar.

Sarkozy: [I]t is not for the Jewish community "to organize your own security. Nothing would be worse than provocations of an anti-Semite group that spurs ... reactions of self-defense."

I can think of a few things worse than provocations that spur Jewish self-defence: Dhimmitude and murder, for two. Jews not defending themselves is a bad thing. We'll look below at the story of the Ka loonies we posted on recently, and then to the yoots who are also "provocative."

French interior minister looks to break up black supremacist group that invaded Jewish neighborhood

By PHILIPPE SOTTO (Associated Press Writer)
Associated Press

PARIS - French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy vowed on Wednesday to silence a little known black supremacist group that invaded Paris' Jewish quarter over the weekend, making anti-Semitic remarks.

But Sarkozy, on a visit to the neighborhood, warned Jews not to take the matter into their own hands with self-defense groups.

A band of blacks who call themselves the Ka Tribe invaded the French capital's Jewish quarter and its main thoroughfare, the rue des Rosiers, on Sunday. Police said they made anti-Semitic and intimidating remarks. An investigation was opened.

Sarkozy ordered the group's Internet site closed on Monday, and by Wednesday it was down.

Addressing the Jewish community from a local school, Sarkozy said he is looking for ways to break up the Ka Tribe.

"I don't want a single Jew here to be afraid ...," the minister said. "The fear of a single Jew is a mark on the Tricolor flag" of France.

However, he added, it is not for the Jewish community "to organize your own security." "Nothing would be worse than provocations of an anti-Semite group that spurs ... reactions of self-defense."

Sarkozy was apparently referring to groups like Betar, an activist Zionist youth movement, and the Jewish Defense League. Media reports said the band was looking for the leaders of the two Jewish groups' on Sunday.

The rue des Rosiers, in the ancient Marais district, is a symbol of the Jewish presence in Paris and the site of a 1982 bombing that killed six people.

Sarkozy said the Ka Tribe's "ideology is sickening ... stupid, confused and the only thing that is clear is that it is anti-Semitic."

The Ka Tribe first appeared in December 2004, founded by a man who identifies himself as Kemi Seba. Jews, Arabs and whites are forbidden from taking part in its meetings, according to French media reports.

Several newspapers quoted Seba as saying that the goal of the group - which Sarkozy said was made up only of some 30 people - "to put the black people there where they should be, that is, at the head of humanity."

"Unemployed youth." The following piece comes from the world socialist web. I've deleed some of the usual cliches but have left the details of yoots attacking the police Sarkozy expects will defend the Jews. Good luck.

Unemployed youth clash with police in Paris suburbs
By Rick Kelly and Chris Marsden
1 June 2006

Nicolas Sarkozy, France's interior minister, has deployed hundreds of extra police to outlying Parisian suburbs after two nights of conflict between unemployed youth and the authorities

That night, youth burned cars on the Bosquets estate, which houses one-third of Montfermeil's population and is 50 percent immigrant. Some 100-150 youth, some armed with baseball bats, fought riot police for more than four hours. Nine police were reportedly injured in the clashes.

The next night there were disturbances on a smaller scale in the neighbouring Parisian suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, including an attack on the local police station. Four police officers were reportedly injured. The latest eruption of violence on the outskirts of Paris testifies to the extreme social tensions in the city's impoverished suburbs. The predominantly Arab, black and immigrant areas are marked by mass unemployment, as high as 60 percent for young people in some districts.

The Troksyites don't argue the facts, only the interpretation. Fair enough. It's the government that has it's head right up it's sand. If the police are under attack by yoots, then why are the Jews supposed to rely on them for anything more than traffic tickets?

The Betar Movement is a revisionist Zionist youth movement founded in 1923 in Riga, Latvia, by Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Betar members played important roles in the fight against the British during the Mandate, and in the creation of Israel. It has been linked to Herut and Likud and is part of the secular right of Israeli politics.

The name Betar stands for "Brit Yosef Trumpeldor". Joseph Trumpeldor was a Jewish fighter who fell in the battle of Tel Hai coining the phrase: "Never mind, it is good to die for our country".

Jabotinsky also wanted to connect the name of the first Jewish fighter after 2000 years to the name of the last fort of Jewish uprising against the Roman Empire in the Bar Kokhba's revolt, showing that Betar was intent to create a new generation of Jewish warriors.

During World War II, Betar members, former Polish officers, founded Żydowski Związek Walki (Jewish Fighting Union) which fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

In the struggle for Israel's freedom from British occupation, many Betar members fought in the Irgun underground militia against Brititsh rule. Some graduates from Betar Poland even joined Abraham Stern's more radical Lehi group.

In France, members of the Betar have clashed with pro-Arab supporters. The Betar offices were bombed by the leftist FLNC, a Corsican militant organization.

On José Bové's return from a protest in Ramallah, members of Betar assaulted the anti-globalisation activist.
[Wikipedia excerpts.]

The leader of the Warsaw Judenrat, the Jewish community in the ghetto, killed himself. Most Jews didn't have such a luxury.

Adam Czerniakow committed suicide on July 23, 1942 when he was pressured to hand over Jewish children to be deported to their deaths. It is reported that he left a note: "They are demanding that I kill the children of my people with my own hands. There is nothing for me to do but die."

Well, what's it coming to? Do the Jews of France and the rest of Europe rely on Sarkozy and others to deal with the situation? What about the rest of the French, the rest of the Europeans and others, the Koreans, the Thais, the people trapped in Europe's sink-hole cultures? Is Sarko's cape going to defend them all?


D. T. Devareaux said...

To suggest as Sarkozy has that the inhabitants of Rue de Rosiers must refrain from defending themselves; that instead they should rely on the State which, in recent months especially, has proven unwilling to protect its citizens, is calling for nothing short of suicide. Europe, with its increasingly restive Muslim populations is going to have to make a decision soon: either sacrifice some blood now and bear the opprobrium from the elites for abandoning the “multicult” in order to save itself, or slide into eventual slavery.

dag said...

I could weep. We've let our world slide into idiocy, into a neo-feudalist order of elitists and passive peasants. Back to the Middle Ages.

I'm not going without a fight. There are Jabotinskis out there still. There are men and women who will fight. Some do now in our militaries, but we need a population of citizens willing to defend and expand our Modernity. It's all or nothing. There are among us people who will fight like Jabotinski, and we will find them, organise them, and push our Modernity on the world whether they like it or die resisting. An army can't defend a nation that refuses to care about itself. We'll find those people who do care, and we'll fight.

Derek, as always, is on the front line with yet another graphic at Study of Revenge. The comments section is worth the price of admission. Always great work.