Friday, June 02, 2006

"Hush, Betar," says Nicolai Czerniakow

Sarkozy warns French Jews not to defend themselves. Muslims run riotous across France and commit murder. Muslims drop mircrowave ovens from rooftops on policemen, fire-bomb them in their vehicles, shoot them. Muslims run riotous in the streets and rob, beat, rape, and smash, loot and burn. Sarko says "Do nothing."

I'll repeat this. This is the Judenrat leader of the Warsaw Ghetto:

Adam Czerniakow committed suicide on July 23, 1942 when he was pressured to hand over Jewish children to be deported to their deaths. It is reported that he left a note: "They are demanding that I kill the children of my people with my own hands. There is nothing for me to do but die."

French Jews Feel Abandoned. Tension in Suburbs
From the desk of Paul Belien on Wed, 2006-05-31 20:14

Today the French authorities closed down the website of "Tribu Ka", a group of French black Muslims. The website contained anti-Semitic texts [some of which are quoted here]. Last Sunday evening about thirty members of Tribu Ka, armed with bats and sticks, staged a march through the Rue de Rosiers in the historic Jewish quarter of Paris, shouting "Death to Jews" and "Let the Jews fight us if they dare!"

Tensions between black Muslim immigrants and French Jews have been rising since another black gang, who call themselves "the Barbarians," kidnapped Ilan Halimi, a 21-year old Jew, last February. Halimi was tortured for three weeks and subsequently murdered. Youssouf Fofana, the imprisoned leader of the gang that murdered Halimi, is acclaimed as a hero by groups such as Tribu Ka. Tribu Ka was founded by Kami Saba [Kémi Séba], a black Parisian who says he has been inspired by the Black Muslims in the United States.

Though a police officer admitted that the authorities knew the "tribe" was going to march through the Jewish neighbourhood last Sunday, as "it had been announced on the Tribu Ka internet site," twenty minutes lapsed before the police arrived. According to a Jewish source a senior police officer, called to account by angry inhabitants of the Rue de Rosiers, said that the police "had received instructions from the top not to intervene." The French authorities apparently did not want to provoke the thugs. As a result some Jews openly wonder whether the Jewish community should not organize its own militia.

The authorities fear that provoking the thugs could trigger a new round of urban violence, similar to last November's riots, in predominantly immigrant suburbs of major cities across France. The situation in the "banlieus" appears to be tense again. On Monday night around a hundred youths clashed with French police after setting fire to cars and rubbish bins in Clichy-sous-Bois, a Parisian suburb that was the scene of violence in November.

.... As in November, the immigrant "youths" want to make it clear that their law rules in the suburbs, not the law of the French Republic.

"They are demanding that I kill the children of my people with my own hands. There is nothing for me to do but die."

Sarkozy, take a hint.

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