Thursday, June 08, 2006

Muslims running out of self-- ah- -steam

Al Zarqawi: Advancing Progress No More

By Red Square
6/8/2006, 5:03 pm

Another leader of social progress has been murdered by American war criminals today. The Left movement has lost a prominent comrade who helped us fight US imperialism at home and abroad. Every glorious beheading and school bus explosion he committed was cherished by human rights activists as another proof of the cynical nature of the Bush administration.

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FCC bans "dancing Zarqawi" iPod commercial

Just like Che Guevara before him, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi will be remembered by generations of progressives who will make sure his legacy lives on. A commemorative T-shirt has been produced and is recommended as casual wear after a 7-day official mourning period is over.

NOTE: do not discard mourning materials and supplies, they may still be needed as US occupiers aren't yet leaving the Middle East despite our mounting pressure.

Lots of good satire at the site above.


kevin said...

The cube is great, I kinda miss communist's for kerry though.

CD Baric said...

I am very happy Zarqawi is dead. I am celebrating with a very nice Canadian whiskey on ice.

I just do not understand how even a shred of Zarqawi could survice that kind of attack.

I read that today Israel killed another Islamic butcher Abu Samhadana by blowing him up with a missile.

Now, my understanding about missiles is they have a very tiny payload, less than 25 lbs of actual explosives and yet all that was left of 'ol Abu was a pool of blood and some scraps of flesh.

No body, no face, no fingerprints, just a really big bug smear where that prick died.

Let me quote the news report: "In the darkness, illuminated only by flashlights, a small pool of blood could be seen staining the ground, and people lifted pieces of flesh to bury them with Abu Samhadana."

Now compare that with the US report on the raid on Zarqawi's safe house - two 500 lb precision guided bombs (propably a GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided free fall bomb) direct hits.

Now, unless Zarqawi was actually about 500 feet away from the center of force, he should have been nothing but a smelly mist in the afternoon air.

I commend the destruction of Zarqawi but my BS meter is running in the red.

CD Baric