Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mosque Vandalized: A Kristallnacht-type Incident

Somebody smashed car windows and some windows at a mosque in Ontario, Canada. We turn first to a short intro. to those details and then to comments on the incident from a Canadian point of view from http://johnmurneysblog.blogspot.com/

Mosque vandalized
Blair urges tolerance, calm after dozens of windows smashed
Jun. 5, 2006. 01:00 AM

Omar Farouk wandered slowly around the huge Rexdale mosque yesterday, pausing briefly at each of the three dozen broken windows and glass doors.

"It is a sad day for us," the president of the International Muslims Organization of Toronto said as he surveyed the overnight vandalism that caused more than $15,000 damage at one of the city's biggest mosques.

"This is the house of God," he said. "Whoever did this has no respect for God and is not a decent citizen of this country."

The windshields of five vehicles parked behind the mosque were also smashed in the early morning spree.

Farouk said the attack, which appeared to be the work of a single vandal using an axe or hammer, was the first vandalism at the mosque since a single window was smashed the night following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001.

Farouk said he feared the latest vandalism may have been a backlash after the arrests of 12 men and five youths accused of planning terrorist attacks in the Greater Toronto area.

This is as equally disturbing as the planned terrorist attacks in Ontario that were foiled by law enforcement officials.

I won't say what famous event this vandalism reminds me of, but I hope never to see its like in Canada again. It is important that we all live in peace and friendship together, and not start lashing out at Muslims, most of whom condemn terrorism.

More to the point, we can all do more to promote peaceful co-existences of different cultures in Canada, something for which our nation is internationally famous.

posted by John Murney at 7:45 AM on Jun 05 2006

John Murney said:

I think I know what you are trying to say Lance. I live in the real world, and am aware that fighting terrorism requires toughness and action. I also think it requires tolerance and acceptance at the local level, so we don't see any more Kristallnacht types incidents like the one just reported in Toronto. I find this attack, just like those against synagogues, to be deeply disturbing and unacceptable, and I know you do too.

2:48 PM


Stubblejumper said:

"Just so I'm clear on the motif here, are we equating vandalism to a plot of mass murder?"

11:07 PM


John Murney said:

"Stubblejumper, your comments are quite disgusting. I did not say that, and you know it."



Anonymous said...

Yes, for heaven's sake, we mustn't become upset and break a few windows or anything; it was only mass-terrorism they were planning, after all.
Westerners have become so sissified. I can't understand why the muslims don't just attack now, since everyone seems fully prepared to surrender.

Stogie said...

Q- What do you call 15 broken windows?

A- A good start.

At least there's one Canadian with some balls! You go boy!

religion of pieces said...

Yes, they burn churches and demolish Buddhas, and would no doubt destroy much else if they had the ability.

The Buddhists carved the Buddhas of Bamiyan around 500 AD. They survived the muslim invasion because the muslims didn't have the organisation or technology to destroy them until the Saudi government sent western trained engineers in 2001.

Muslims are like intellectually-challenged adolescent vandals. They cannot create anything, so the only way they can make their mark on the world is by destroying and killing to the best of their dysfunctional ability.

I do not support trashing their mosques because we would be sinking to their level of barbarity. If you've got to do anything to their windows try artistically enhancing them by sticking on translucent motoons to give a stained-glass effect when viewed from inside. That will excite them far more than mere vandalism.

Jane said...

Canadians are shedding our political correctness. Or maybe it's just that the mainstream newspapers are experiencing competition from the blogs.

Christie Blatchford was so un-politically correct in her Globe and Mail column that she was accused by the Toronto Star of a
"Christie-nacht screed against a single community, tantamount to hate speech."

Here's a longer excerpt from the article in the Star:

"The accused men are mostly young and mostly bearded in the Taliban fashion," wrote Blatchford [in the Globe & Mail]. "They have first names like Mohamed, middle names like Mohamed, and last names like Mohamed. Some of their female relatives at the Brampton courthouse who were there in their support wore black head-to-toe burkas ... which is not a getup I have ever seen on anyone but Muslim women (sic).''

Which smacked of the online hatred in the rightwingdingosphere, where the story is burning up bandwidth.

Blogger Kathy Shaidle of Relapsed Catholic not only praised Blatchford's words, she ranted, "Re-examine the last traces you may have of all the multi-culti `immigration built this country' pieties you were force fed during your long Trudeaupian education, in the schools, the media, in university, at work. All the charming restaurants and colourful ethnic festivals (that `help the economy') and funky world music on earth are not worth the life of one baby mangled in a subway bombing.

"Regardless of whether or not immigration built this country, it may now destroy it.

"If you persist in believing all your `Heritage Moment' pieties you are a delusional coward."


The blogger referred to "Trudeaupian" multicultural education. But a year or so before his death, Trudeau was asked by a reporter at a press conference if the current results of multiculturalism -- isolated pockets of ethnic groups, etc. -- were what he had intended with his policy. He thought for awhile and responded, "No."

dag said...

We have to learn the difference between sentimentality and authentic response. We also have to learn the difference between teaching and brutality. Together we have to understand that a rational, deeply felt education is a strict one but not a foolish and artificial indulgence of childish "innocence." We have to see that our Left dhimmi fascists have indulged in sentimentality to the point of collective cultural insanity whipped to frenzies of violence and terrorism on a world-wide scale. Let us take care that we do not in turn become brutal.

The repulsive fool above, the smarmy and self-indulgent creep who likens Kristalnacht to the vandalism at a mosque in a Toronto suburb is one man who counts for nothing outside his small circle of friends. He is not worth crossing the room to spit on. He is, at least here today, an example of all that is truly sickening in our multi-culti times: he confuses and sentimentalises some broken windows with others. This man is a moral idiot.

I assume, perhaps wrongly, that all readers here are deeply familiar with the history of Kristalnacht. If that's proper and true, then there is no need for me to rage further.

It is as wrong for us to conflate Kristalnacht with windows in Toronto as it is to conflate Bush and Hitler. It is moral idiocy and worse: It is deliberate evil. No, I won't call for hanging these people. They are within the real realm of opinion. The T.O. window breaker is within the bounds of justifiable moral outrage, in my opinion. He is not a moral idiot. He is a lawbreaker. He is not a criminal on the bsis of breaking windows at a mosque. Criminality lies in the hearts of the cretin above, whose name I cannot recall. Citizen "push-back" is justice when the law refuses to act justly on behalf of its wards. I argue that it is crimanla to allow this to continue to the point of rioting and massacre in the streets, likely coming if our Left idiots win the day and continue their rampage against Human decency and Right.

We have a right and a duty to push back as citizens. Our stopping point is at the edge of justice. We will know that by Reason. Vandalism is irrational, and it is indeed called for. It is called for because our political and moral elites are gnostic and fascistic, and they must feel the heat of our righteous fury before they decide to leave peaceably before they are publicly hanged. That is up to the voting citizen. If our electorate is irrational, then we will have violent civil war. If so, then it is to the good. When the state is illegitimate and acts unjustly against the wishes of the people, then it is time for war against the state and its supporters.

So some windows are smashed? It's an unlawful act and the police have a duty to arrest and bring to trial the person who did it. Is it a priority? Not where I come from. And if others look on it as an example of behavior they might imitate? So what? It would still be illegal and not particularly important in the view of a ration police policy. If hundreds and thousands of citizens smash Muslim windows? I don't care. No, I don't care if Muslim property is smashed and burned and Muslims by the thousands are made homeless and are terrified. That is justice. Are they "not-guilty" of illegality or crime? I don't care. That's not a legitimate issue here.

We must learn that to smash and burn Mulsim property is in the long term perhaps a better thing than to appease terrorism by a hostile invading supremicist poligion. We must not be sentimental about the evil of Islam, nor can we allow ourselves to become brutal and murderous. Nor too can we cringe at the thought of force and violence raionally applied to enemies. Smash all the windows in the Muslim community of your choice. It would be a rational act to do so when the authorities refuse to acknowledge the fury of the citizenry.

Am I advocating violence against Muslims or Muslim property? Of course not. If it were to happen to a reasonable degree I wouldn't be upset by it. I argue though that the rational response and therefore the right one is to empower the police to act as public guardians of the good and the right; that we can ensure that by exercising our duty to vote for our elected representatives on a rational basis in order that we give the police the civil leadership they need to prevent a citizens' frenzy.

There are some hard lessons to learn in the coming few years. We cannot continue the sentimentalities of today. We must learn rational and true response to experience. We cannot flip-out and massacre people at random. And we cannot sit back and worry that this or that is as bad as Islam. Some strictness is definitely in order across the world in response ot Islam.

dag said...

John Murny is deleting comments he doesn't like. That must be a full-time occupation.

Jauhara said...

Diverting attention from one thing to another is a typical muslim tactic. It wouldn't be beyond the scope of logic or predictability to assume that the muslims of the mosque destroyed and vandalized their own property. If you want to see evidence of this, look no further than those college kids who write racist things on their bodies, and then call the cops to say that they were attacked by racists! It is happening all the time!