Friday, June 09, 2006

Innocent Muslims Targetted by Hitlerians.

Had we but world enough and time we could dwell on the charms of the Muslim ummah eternally, finding testimonials to each and every one accused of wrong-doing. In the past few days we scooped up at least these few gems.

The National Post of June 9, 2006, p. A1.

UK Suspect linked to terror Group in Pakistan.

"Mr. Khan was arrested at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday.... Mr Khan's friends and family said they could not imagine him being invvolved in terrorist activities."

The National Post of June 6, 2006, pp. A1, A6.

"Pretty Much Born Here."

"But Ali was not an exremist," his brother said. "No, he wasn't that type." Mr Mohammed's mother agreed, saying, "Ali [Mohammed Dirie] didn't believe like that."


"I feel screwed by life," Yasisn [Abi Mohmmed] told his mother when she visited him at his Kingston prison, she said.

She thinks Yasin is innocent and that he is accused of terrorism only because he is Muslim. The's not a terrorist. This is not fair," she said "They finish his life."

The National Post of June 6, 2006, p. A7.

"Alleged leaders described as 'nice guys.'

Qayyum Abdul Jamal.

Mosque member Sam Lela told reporters yesterday tha Mr. Jamal is a "soft" person always eager to help those in need.

He said he didn't believe Mr Jamal or any of the mosque members implicated in the plot were capable of hurting others.

Fahim Ahmad.

The young man has known Mr. Ahmad for about a year and described him as nice, outgoing and always willing to help with a problem. He also said Mr. Ahamd played basketball of Fridays at the local mosque.

Amin Mohammed Durrani.

On hearing the news, Mr. Khan said he was shocked. "It's really hard to believe this."

Zakaria Amara.

Mike Paaku, a next door neighbour to the west, said Mr. Amara appeared to be a "normal nice guy."

Shareef Abdelhaleem.

"He is a very decent and good kid," said Mohammed Abdelhaleem, the man's father. "He has no violent inclinations at all. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. It is not in our family. We have no intentions of such things.

He said his son's only "crime" is that "he goes and prays in the mosque."

"It is all fake, for God's sake," he said of the charges against his son. "There is no foundation."

Jahmaal James.

"He's a very nice guy, you know. He came to me to ask about getting married," said Mr Hindy....

"I had no idea he was involved in anything like this," said his father in an interview at the Scarborough townhouse he shares with his son and 83 year old grandmother.

Abdul Shakur.

"We were surprised, really, [at his arrest] nbecause he'd been living with us and we had no idea." said Mr. Attique.

Admad Ghany.

A man with a Muslim student association at Mc Master said Mr. Ghany was a quiet, unassuming man."

And finally we come to poor Asad Ansari, of whom not much good is claimed:

"Not everyone knows each other, she said, declining to give her name. "But it's not like they were hiding." They were a quiet family and watered their lawn but didn't always cut it," she said.

Played basketball. Didn't mow the lawn. Oh. Oh. The horror! It's all your fault, you... whatever you are.


ALH said...

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a wonderful boy who always cut the lawn on weekends and never talked back to his mom.

How you terrible Americans can say such awful things about him when he can't defend his reputation.

All those videos of Abu cutting off heads and killing people were accidents. Have you never yourself while shaving?

All those tapes of him saying 'Death to America" were all taken out of context.

Just remember, Islam is the religion of peace. And we will cut your head off if you trash talk our Prophet.

I mean... I mean, you could have a shaving accident if you dis Mo.

Allahs Little Helper

dag said...

I'm feeling a fit of inspiration coming over me that is likely going to drive me back to "Dag's Poetry Corner."

Once in a while I am so over-come by the Muse that I come up with wonderful poetry, and all this self-analysis I'm doing over my evilness about our collective treatment of Muslims is charging me to comnpose off the top of my head and from the bottom of my heart my next new masterpiece, tentatively entitled "Cut off my head."

Wait for it. It might take me a day or two but when I get started nothing can stop me.

Always On Watch said...

Quite a round-up here of the typical statements.

testimonials to each and every one accused of wrong-doing

I'm so sick of the testimonials. Either these weasels are the most deceptive people on the planet or their close associates and family members are blind and/or brainwashed.

dag said...

Some babies might well be born evil, I don't know; but I am certain that there is no ethnic group born evil. And it is impossible that the entire Mulsim population can be evil from the germs. Therir evil religion, their evil culture, the evil parents who spring from Islam are the problem that perpetuates the evil their chilrdren inherit and pass on.

I get criticism here at times for demanding invasion and colonisation of Muslim lands. I get criticised for arguing that America is a state of mind that can spread across the world till the world is America and all people in some sense are American. Most of that criticism comes from my suggestion, a reasonable one according to me, that we invade nations and conquer peoples and impose on them school teachers with guns who shoot parents who interfere with the right lives of their children. Well, here I go again:

Children do not deserve the punishment of Muslim parents, and if Mulsim parents try to interfere in the right education of their children, then school teachers standing in front of their charges should shoot the parents. I do not jest.

Who are we to shoot parents raising their children sas they wish? We are good and decent and successful people who do not murder our children, abortionists excepted. And of ours who object to shooting primitive and dangerous and murderous parents? Let them go join the savages and face me.

Just war has no better cause than freeing children from evil parents. In our time there are no worse parents than Muslims. We have a moral duty to stop Islam so no more children grow into twisted creatures because of it. At that point we discontinue argument and resort to weapons of our choice.

Pastorius said...


I look forward to the recital of your new poetic opus; Cut Off My Head.

I think you may have the Howl of the 21st Century there.

Hey, could you post this post at IBA? This is a classic.

Pastorius said...

Oh, by the way, Allen Ginsburg was a boy-lover.

dag said...

In my case I write straight poetry in every sense. That must account for my lack of fame as a poet. I can't think of any other reason ofr it. I mean, have you read my poetry here? I'm amazing.