Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More from Derek's Well-spring of Creativity.

Below we have three comments from Derek's blog, The Study of Revenge. Those who have followed this blog will know Derek's work well. For those of you who don't we present a few samplings of his written work to accompany his visual artistic skills.

Hollywood. Isn't it time we let that impudent little brat cry it's self to sleep? Of course, we're inclined to lay considerable blame for the state of our of culture (i.e. the excess, the greed, the over-stimulation, etc.) squarely in the lap of the Hollywood and media/entertainment establishment, but I don't think that is entirely fair. As the old saying goes, "you are what you eat;" and we are voracious consumers of the Hollywood product. We choose to trade our time and treasure for an always diminishing, ever insulting product; perhaps hoping that this time it'll be better, but hardly ever surprised that it isn't. What comes out of Hollywood, what takes up miles and miles of glossy pages between the dirty sheets of celebrity magazines and what we habitually click through hundreds of cable channels for is a reflection of who and what we are. If we didn't crave such mindless pap, there wouldn't be a market for it.

The Hollywood personalities are equally reprehensible: a cast of plastic, soulless characters whose very essence is a nauseating dance of egomania grappled with infantile insecurity. Is it any wonder then that such a people, with their grossly over-estimated sense of self-worth, not to mention the incessant whining and victimization complexes (e.g. My movie didn't make any money? Well, the people must be stupid! And they're censoring me! Not unlike certain Democrat politicians who get wiped at the polls, eh?) are rabid liberals? Unthinking, unintelligent, the-world-owes-me liberals. And these people are not only the face of American media, but the American face in media abroad as well. And these same people, do they not bemoan American culture and do they not fret about how America is perceived abroad, even as they trash her and fawn over the world's tyrants? Don't come into my home, crap on my rug and complain to me about the smell, ok?

As to an "alliance" between the Hollywood Left and Islam, how could there not be with all of those self-hatin' Jews in California. Was that imprudent of me?

At first I thought the whole beheading angle in this piece was a bit of stretch, but then I remembered what the critically lauded director of "Paradise Now" had to say about suicide bombings. And Morton's, yes. The absurdity of asking such a question, but then again, these are absurd people.


Hollyweird. I can't say I have much regard for people who get paid obscene amounts of money to hit their marks and look pretty, especially when such personalities are not only wedded to the most inane of ideas, but feel obligated to insist that we should be to. There are a few class acts in the Hollywood machine, but they are few and far between with no measurable influence or clout; and frankly that's why I like them. They come, they do their jobs, and then they get the hell off the stage.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed their opinions, but many of these pinheads are so warped by the power and influence we've given them that they feel no shame in using their celebrity to advance their ludicrous agendas.

And here we have it again: what is this faith the otherwise godless intelligentsia have for Communism? Whether it's the George Bernard Shaws of yesterday, or the tenured luminaries of today, the Jane Fonda's of Vietnam or the Oliver Stones of Cuba, to the mindless bureaucrats, corporate fascists and domesticated civil servants in our own government, from whence does this fascination for extreme homogeneous utopia keep springing? And it's not from lack of factual evidence as to the wrong-headedness of such thinking seeing as great lengths are taken by many to revise the history of socialism and Communism; and revision is a conscious process. Yet everyone keeps insisting that they'll do it right this time; that they are the ones who have figured it out; that the secrets to civilization have been unlocked by them and only them. It's hubris. It's totalitarianism.

Derek is a prolific writer, and he's worth visiting regularly. His comments section is a delight to those who appreciate fine prose wittily and intelligently presented. I'm a big fan. There are some who aren't, and because of their efforts, Derek's site is now flagged with a warning content, meaning you will have to agree to enter his site by clicking on the bypass. I think you'll find it worth the extra effort and the time.

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