Friday, April 14, 2006

14th Blue Scarf Meeting

Had our Thursday night meeting and it went well, as always. Will return in the morning with some details.


Anonymous said...

Dag, I need to come back and read your site a bit. I'd like to put together an initial Blue Scarf meeting here in Ontario, just not sure how to go about it.


Charles Henry said...

thanks for writing. To set up a blue scarf meeting in Toronto, just announce your intention here at this blog (and other blogs for that matter). Each week Dag devotes a thread for readers in Canada and the US to identify where people are gathering, so that concerned citizens in those areas know where to go to meet others interested in their cause.
Our meetings in Vancouver have shifted from location to location but have settled down into the Atrium area of the main Vancouver public library. We settled for this current spot as it seemed centrally located for Vancouver residents as well as offering sufficient seating opportunities to accomodate new arrivals. Just select a location that offers similar benefits in T.O.: close to transit, that allows you to sit and talk in public for a few hours at a stretch.
(in light of recent events in your city, may I humbly suggest a Tim Horton's coffee shop as a fitting choice of location?)
I remember seeing commentors in previous threads here that were writing from Toronto, if you've been holding your meetings please post your meeting times and places for next thursday, and Gary can join your group.
Our choice of blue scarf apparel was inspired by a group from France, The Blue Revolution, and the unseasonal cold weather has let us keep it far into spring; if the Ontario weather suggests that a scarf is an awkward I.D., a blue baseball cap or blue sweater is fine of course..! The idea is to wear someone that can allow you to visually identify potential colleagues with sympathetic points of view.

American Crusader said...

Dag...ever encountered any angry or violent reactions at any of your meetings?

dag said...

A.C., we have never even had a hint of aggression. Muslims aren't like that, really. The authentic ones, not the converts, are passive and lazy and stupid as a rule, so used to submitting that any kind of personal volition is usually beyond them unless it's the last thing they do in this life. Life for the average Muslim is one of endless repetition, rote, and lack of imagination and wonder. They just do what they always do, and humdalillah, insh'alla. So no, we couldn't get attcked if we wanted to be unless we organised it ourselves. We'd be in greater danger on the tube in London or Madrid or taking our kids to school in Novereski, Russia.

Jihad is mostly a matter of haphazard impulse, like today's knife attacks on Copts in Egypt. Jihad is mostly a matter of opportunistic decay. Things fall apart, Muslims kick the fallen.

This might seem odd and counter-intuitive but most Muslims are actually not violent people. Mostly they're cowards who live in fear of being beaten. They live in a world of those stronger beating them up and stealing from them and raping them, boys being raped as well as girls. It's a beaten culture, is Islam. It's a sickening and disgusting thing to live in.

There are, of course, exceptions, and I am proud to bear the scars of one such creature who wasn't exactly a coward. He, too bad for him, was immensely stupid. His mate, spit on them, did nothing for him until afterward when it was too late. And his family did nothing but scowl and sulk and make threatening gestures. It's almost all for show. If we don't learn to stand up to these people they'll bully us like they do their women and children, and our payment for it will be more of the same only worse.

I can't say there will never be an atack on us; but I will say that if there is it'll be the last they ever try. And further, if we're attacked, I won't stop short of making them pay. Again. But my feeling is that we face no danger at all because they know we'll fight, and they know we won't stop at that. Like any coward or bully, once they know the limits they back off and cry and beg. I really don't like that. I'd rather face a better class of enemy, but we take what we can get, eh?