Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Will Belfast Become Islamic?

Muslims in Belfast are threatening to whinge about the impending publication of Mohammed the child-molester cartoons. They're crying already, but let's see how far they actually go in protest against this imagined slight against their rapist prophet. Will Muslims stand on the streets of Belfast demanding the murder of those who insult the fascist poligion that is evil Islam? Will they hold up signs threatening to behead the Irish? Will they demand the closure of churches and the implementation of sharia in Ireland? Will they kill Paddy, the fat guy on a bicycle? Will they burn cars? Will they cringe and weep and beg for more dole? Will they actually risk the wrath of the Irish? Will these creepy Muslim slime-balls do anything to truly upset the Irish? And if not, why not?

Belfast Telegraph

Ulster Muslims debate cartoon controversy

By Michael McHugh 14 March 2006

Local Islamic leaders are to meet to discuss the fallout following the first publication in Northern Ireland of anti-Muslim cartoons which have prompted protests around the world.

Northern Ireland Muslim leaders have warned that the caricatures carried on locally edited website The Blanket could spark racism against their community because of the association of Islam with intolerance and militarism.

Advocates of free speech argue that the reaction to the cartoons has exposed the totalitarian character of Islam.

The current image shows Muhammad brandishing a sword ready for a fight. His eyes are blacked out while two women stand behind him with their Islamic dress leaving only their eyes uncovered.

Jamal Iweida from the Belfast Islamic Centre had called for a rethink on the decision to publish and he said he was disappointed.

"We will be meeting to see what can be done about this. My main concern is for the safety of the community here as I think this will compromise their safety," he said.

"I think these cartoons are causing more trouble and suffering for the community, this is another setback to efforts to improve the image of Muslims and to make their life easier," he said.

"We don't have any clear idea what we are going to do at this stage. I spoke to Anthony McIntyre (who runs the website which published the cartoons) on Friday but he decided to go ahead."

The Blanket is a mainly republican and socialist site which brands itself as a "journal of protest and dissent".

Mr McIntyre said he was striking a blow for freedom of expression.

"What I abhor is not the cartoons but the theocratic fascist murder and intimidation that followed their publication," he wrote in an accompanying article.

The images, first published in Denmark, have angered Muslims across the world. One, which is due to be published in The Blanket, showed the Prophet Muhammad, whose depiction is banned in Islam, as a terrorist bomber. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/story.jsp?story=682505

There's only so much crap one can stand from Muslims. How much will the Irish put up with? Should others put up with more than the Irish put up with? There have been united Irishmen for a long number of years, and this is yet again a chance for a revival of same. If they, then we.

Muslims complaining in Ireland? Kick them out.

The Irish, regardless of their local problems, have shown what the nature of nationhood is when it is threatened. We can look at the Irish question in terms of our future responses to Islam and our relation to it in our respective nations. At least some Muslims must by now have the sense to understand that there are numerous Irish who have first-rate guerrilla warfare skills that they will use to quash any Islamic play for Ireland. That unspoken threat should be enough to keep the Muslim population in line. Transgressions will likely result in a massive destruction of Muslim property in Ireland. That alone will likely keep the peace better than anything the idiot French intelligentsia has ever done. Because the Irish fight, likely they willl not have to fight. We might like to watch and compare the two situations and derive our our plan from the one that works better.


Rafa said...

The Anglo-Saxons may allow themselves to be dhimmitized, but never the Celts who are stubborn, fierce, loyal and proud people. Ireland is Saint Patrick territory, and the Emerald Isle is filled with Islamic snakes that ought to be driven to the sea or squashed to death. The Fighting Irish will take care of that!

eyesallaround said...

I sure hope so! Kick their asses back to Mecca!

Pim's Ghost said...

Oh dear, this should go up on The Ultimate Insult if it's not already! I was busy ranting on my site, I'm afraid and haven't checked over there yet.....

kevin said...

God bless the Irish!
The Roman Empire could never tame them, the Muslims certainly won't.

dag said...

I've deleted my comments from this box any number of times. My feelings toward the Irish are highly ambiguous. And there I went and deleted a lot more.

What is it about these awful Irish that I love so much?

The Ugly American said...

Looking forward to seeing how this all turns out.

Saw your comments on my post at BC. thought I'd stop by and say hi.


Aisha's lost doll said...

Now if the Muzzies really want trouble they can suggest shutting down the Guiness brewery and the whiskey distilleries, not to mention the poteen stills.

And Celtic women do not take kindly to threats of subjugation - remember what Boadicea did to Roman London.

Looking on the bright side, the presence of these new kids on the block should do wonders for Catholic/Protestant reconciliation.

The blanket w/s is

dag said...

That link brings us to a comment that tells it as it is, a rare change in the MSM.

Nothing unites us like a common enemy. There's more to it than that, happily for the Irish. That is also to the credit of the English. This is all off topic, of course, but these are the beginnings of questions we have to examine in time so we can confront our future post multi-culti phantasy of the relativities of culture.

In time we'll win over the Islamic swarm and we'll come to terms with the idiocies of the game of Leftist pretense. I wonder what we'll do. I think it's important that we at least begin nw to consider the future and to lay the groundwork for our new work. If we don't set things right at this foundational level we'll have to correct it after the fact, which is why I'm concerned about people like Le Pen. If we don't control our agenda someone else will, and then we'll have to struyggle agianst them just as mightily as we wil against Islam and the current Left.

Maybe once again the Irish will save civilization.

American Crusader said...

One thing you can count on will be an overreaction by the local Muslim population. These cartoons have done a great favor to Western civilization. They have shown the true nature to even the most liberal of Western countries.