Thursday, March 16, 2006

Palestinian Filth Garbage Scums:

Dhimmi scum bags at the Toronto Star, one of Canada's largest newspapers, cries that the Palestinian garbage slimes are making fools of them. This is nearly funny:

Editorial: Palestinian anarchy
Mar. 16, 2006. 01:00 AM

Do Palestinians want to make themselves pariahs? Their Jan. 25 election of a Hamas government devoted to Israel's destruction shocked even long-time friends.Now Palestinian mobs have vented their rage at Israel by seizing foreigners, including a Canadian, shooting up American and European Union missions, and forcing diplomats and aid workers to flee for their lives. This is madness.Israel's raid Tuesday on a West Bank prison triggered this fury. Troops seized Ahmed Saadat and other militants whom Israelis deem responsible for the 2001 murder of cabinet minister Rehavam Ze'evi. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal recently vowed to free Saadat, just before Israel's March 28 election.All of which has precisely nothing to do with foreign aid workers.Yet Canadian aid worker Adam Budzanowski was one of 10 people abducted as anarchy swept the West Bank and Gaza. So were two French journalists and a South Korean newsman. A Swiss worker for the Red Cross. Two French women doctors. An American teacher. And two Australians seized at a school. Happily, all were freed unharmed. Even so, targeting them was folly.Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other Western leaders are looking for ways to funnel $1 billion in aid to the Palestinians, through the United Nations, Red Cross, churches and other agencies. The idea is to bypass Hamas unless it shuns violence, recognizes Israel and abides by peace agreements. If all aid is cut off, people will starve and desperation will breed violence.But how can aid be delivered if donors are treated like targets?The Red Cross was forced this week to withdraw staff. The U.N. shut operations and the European Union pulled out monitors. In such chaos, who would there be to deliver aid?There will be many more Palestinian-Israeli flare-ups before peace ever comes to the region. During those moments of crisis, Palestinians must learn to distinguish their friends from their foes.

If Canadians get kidnapped by the filth pigs, do I care? Not one pig snout, I do declare. If the Canadians and other want to play with these murdering filth garbage heap dung beetles, they deserve whatever happens to them. In fact, that's one activity the Palestinian dirt-holes could do that I would be happy to pay for. If I can think up more insults for the scum slime pig filth pal.s then I'll include them here just oto make my point clear to those who might have missed it so far.

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Moved Elsewhere said...

If the West finances all of the normal daily functions of the Palestinian Authority it will then have about $250 million a year to spend on terrorism.

Palestinians shouldn't receive a cent from infidel nations until such time as they have made genuine peace with Israel. Otherwise, let them all starve. Let them eat Semtex.