Saturday, March 18, 2006

April in Paris (2)

We have seen in the past few weeks an increasing trend among Leftists to try to co-opt the anti fascist-Islamic agenda from those of us who are democrats and republicans in favor of the Left collectivist and neo-feudalist fascistic agenda. Yup, even Leftists hate Islam. Or at least more and more Leftists are coming to realise they have no friends in Islam. We can thank the Left for these Islamic monsters in the first place, and now that the Left is finding the Muslims turning on them the Leftists are starting to fight back. I predict great changes in the world by August.

Our friend Charles writes the following translated account from a French blog:

This might be big news.

I found this tonight at a French blog, and have been digging around various French news sites for more information.

Turkish protesters in Lyon, France, got into fist fights with the leftist French students protesting the new job law today.

What follows is a quick (and hopefully accurate!) translation from this news site:


The presence of police and the cordon of CRS [riot police/crowd control forces] did not prevent confrontations between the two groups, consisting of fist fights and [throwing] various projectiles. The police used water hoses to disperse them.

I've been making search after search, and can't find any photos or much more info than that. (Well there are plenty of photos of the anti-CPE riot from that day, but nothing pertaining to this after-the-event clash) Every article I find seems to be based on the same initial report. I've been looking for some bloggers based in or around Lyon, thinking they may have more first-hand insight into the scale of the confrontation.

The anti-memorial protest had been planned for a while beforehand, since the announcement that the city would be building the memorial. It was just coincidence that these new French protests erupted between then and now.

I'll extend the search for a little longer, hopefully something more concrete will turn up.



I've predicted that by mid-April there will be a full-blown beginning to a new French Revolution, this time with Muslims burning the City of Lights to the ground. It's still too cold for many to venture out into the night to riot, and with the warming of the climate they will crawl out from their hovels into the streets to form gangs of rabble bent on recreational violence. By mid-April the scum will be floating freely around Paris, perhaps earlier in Lyon or Nice. I've predicted that by August France will be under a state of martial law. That will spread across Europe. Muslims have brought on the beginnings of the Jugoslavianization of Europe generally. As Charles points out, this is only the beginning.

Let's examine speculatively what we have here:

France, according to our on-site correspondent Sebastian, is bankrupt. France has a 25 percent youth unemployment rate, and a ten percent Muslim population, the majority of whom are collecting state payments as their main source of income from a population of aging citizens.

According to Sebastian and other sources, the French population hate the ruling classes, the professional politicians, the academic, the media, the civil service. At the same time the French are addicted to welfare payments, refusing to give up anything from the state in order to revive their economies. And too the native birthrate plummets while the birthrate among the Muslims soars, leaving the French with the distinct likelihood of a Muslim majority within perhaps 20 years.

We have witnessed already a massive attack on French youths (demonstrating against tuition increases) being attacked by Muslim youths who beat them and robbed them in broad daylight while the authorities did nothing to protect them; [see below *]. One Muslim was quoted as saying the French are soft. If that didn't embolden the Muslim thugs to continue their rampage against the natives, we have only to look at the 10,000 automobiles torched in Oct. and November last Fall. Add to that the fiasco of the Muslim youth gang attack of 40 against 600 French commuters on Jan. 1, 2006 on the train from Nice to Lyon where the police stood by and allowed the natives to be robbed, beaten and sexually assaulted. That would be the case when the French media tried not to report the incident. And add to that the three week ordeal of the Jewish man, Ilan Halimi, tortured to death in a Muslim housing project in Feb. when no one bothered to complain to the police, and the state was reluctant to the bitter end to admit the man was tortured because he was Jewish. Add to that the continuing anti-Semitic attacks continuing to this day with no signs of let up.

The Muslim population of France has no reason to fear repercussions from the French government or its populations even when they burn automobiles, businesses, and or people, such as the crippled lady set afire on the bus last Nov.Muslims riot and rampage with impunity.

Recently French native students and union members are confronting unpopular legislation. The French natives are on the streets, and they too are rioting and fighting with the police. The natives, unlike the Muslims, are not rewarded with increased welfare payments: the natives are beaten and imprisoned. Even French students aren't so stupid as to miss the irony of that.

This is still winter in France, and it's too cold to be outside for long. By mid-April the weather will turn, and as it warms there will be more and more nights in which it will be pleasant to be outside. With that comes the meeting of Muslim youths who've had the past months to talk among themselves about their past exploits of beating and robbing and raping the native French; of how they burned cars and buildings; of how they shot at the police and got away with it; of how weak and cowardly the French are. As the weather improves the Muslims will gather outside more and more, and their thoughts will turn to crime and violence. But this time they might meet a more determined force than the French authorities: they might well meet a frustrated French native youth amassed over local concerns, bloodied by the police themselves, and resentful against the government siding with the Muslims against the locals.

How do French children raised on socialism and anti-racist cliches assimilate the discrepancies between Muslims ruling with impunity and the natives being beaten by the state forces? We see it in Charles' contribution above: "Muslim fascists." Not Arabs, not Africans, but Muslim fascists.

This will not end in France. With Muslim triumphalism and privilege ingrained in Muslims across Europe, promoted endlessly by dhimmi governments extolling the virtues of Islam and the evils of Europeans publishing insulting cartoons of a child molesting murderer, Mohammed, the stage is set for a clash of youths across the world. As Muslims are attacked in kind by the French, Muslims will in turn attack across the world, not just the French but all people from Indonesia and Thailand to Uzbekistan and Los Angeles. All of Europe will burn this summer, and it will spread across the world. Muslims smell blood, and they are right to do so. Europeans have cut their own wrists to feed the Muslim world, and they have told the Muslim world how happy they are to do so. The Europeans have even given out cash to help perform this ugly ritual of self-abasement. Muslims aren't stupid either. They know what they see.

It comes to this: that a radicalised French native youth will rise up and fight back against Islamic privilege. for a while the European Left will call their resistance "anti-fascism." In some relatively short time they will realise that they have much in common with the fascist Right.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I predict the end of the world as we know it.

* "On March 8, tens of thousands of high school students marched through central Paris to protest education reforms announced by the government. Repeatedly, peaceful demonstrators were attacked by bands of black and Arab youths--about 1,000 in all, according to police estimates."

"Some of the attackers openly expressed their hatred of 'little French people.' One 18-year-old named Heikel, a dual citizen of France and Tunisia, was proud of his actions. He explained that he had joined in just to 'beat people up,' especially 'little Frenchmen who look like victims.' He added with a satisfied smile that he had 'a pleasant memory' of repeatedly kicking a student, already defenseless on the ground."

"Rachid, an Arab attacker, added that even an Arab can be considered a 'little white' if he 'has a French mindset.' The general sentiment was a desire to 'take revenge on whites.'"

"One black student he saw come to the defense of a fellow student under attack by three blacks was called 'a white sellout' by the assailants."



truepeers said...

Dag, here's a new blog that i think will interest France watchers, especially French patriot watchers: link. He does the translations for you!!

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In Australia the bland PC reporting on these student riots mention nothing about racism.

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Dag -

I just discovered your blog thanks to truepeers who has also sent you a link to my own blog.

I have a photo of the Turks demonstrating against the memorial, and several articles on the anti-CPE riots - just keep scrolling down.

For your friend Charles who seems to know French there are these three French sites (and many others):

I do translations from a variety of French websites and I use English-language sources as well. I will add your blog to my list of links.
Also, you may be interested in the English version of France-Echos:

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