Friday, March 17, 2006

Saber Point's Miss March

Stogie at saberpoint outdoes himself.

Muslim Babe of the Month

Infidel Bloggers Alliance has a tradition of posting an "Infidel Babe of the Week." To be fair, to grant equal time, and to honor multiculturalism with all of its infinite social worth, we have decided to post a "Muslim Babe of the Month." Here is our choice for March. Enjoy!


Stogie said...

Thanks Dag, for posting my Islamic "Cheesecake"! I do hope it isn't too racy.

dag said...

I had to gulp down some heart pills.

What a babe, sort of.

Stogie said...

I know. I feel so sorry for the women who have to live under such conditions.

Pastorius said...

Good one, Stogie. I hope you don.'t mind if I use that.