Monday, December 12, 2005

Youth Victims Attacked by Drunken Neo-Nazi Oz Mob Bogans

Wow, some title. Here's more:

Kuranda Seyit, the director of the Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations, said: "It was clearly Australian people victimising another ethnic group. It shows that there is underlying racism running deeply in the Australian psyche. It's been simmering for a few years now, but I think (that in) the latest incident here, people have really let loose their inherent racism and violence.",,3-1922467,00.html

The Lebanese youth leader Fadi Rahman said many young people in his community were beginning to wonder if they would ever feel accepted in Australia. "Let's not forget these kids are born and raised in Australia; they were not born and raised overseas," he said. "We're heading for disaster as far as I'm concerned.",12070,1665760,00.html

Fadi Rahman, who runs the Icra Youth Centre at Lidcombe, said a "racial vendetta" was at the centre of the violence and that revenge attacks would continue. "Unless something is done, this is going to turn into another Paris riot," Mr Rahman said.,5744,17551313%255E601,00.html

Lebanese community spokesmen retort that their people - most of who are naturalised Australians or, increasingly, Australian-born - have every right to be at the beach but have regularly themselves been the victims of abuse and threats.

Repeated surveys have shown discrimination against non-European migrants in housing, work and sport, where young ethnic players complain of being passed over in favour of equally matched whites. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission noted that racially discriminatory practices were "widespread, institutional in nature and practised at all levels of society".

Researchers say the causes include colonial cultural hangovers that tend to regard Australians of non-British origins as "others" to be suspected or feared, and a growing sense of fear and isolation sparked by a globalised economy and large migrant flows.

Sydney's suburbs are divided by racial and economic factors, with the affluent, Anglo-centric and surf-cultured based eastern suburbs contrasting with the western suburbs, which have large number of immigrants.

Many Australians of Middle-Eastern descent have been treated as second-class citizens since notorious Lebanese gang rapes in 2000, Roland Haddad, a young Lebanese-Australian, wrote in the Herald.

...possibly including neo-Nazis who used emails and pamphlet drops to encourage anti-Lebanese attacks.

...about 50 Middle Eastern men smashed cars with baseball bats and battled local surfers in an apparent revenge raid.

In terrifying scenes, drunken mobs indiscriminately attacked people they considered to be Lebanese, using bottles and clubs as well as fists.

Furious mobs attacked a Muslim woman and pulled off her headscarf as she fled....

The violence shocked Australians and shamed the nation with widespread coverage of the riots and reports of underlying racism around the world - especially Asia....

...the mob.... Furious mobs.... drunken mobs.... several Lebanese men.... about 50 Middle Eastern men.... neo-Nazis.... the 5000-strong mob....

Oh heck. I put up the wrong picture. The one above is of Australians murdered for dancing. Silly me. No doubt there will be riots across all of Pakistan because of it. What was I thinking?

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