Monday, December 12, 2005

A Sigh of Relief!

Australians will now be able to take a deep breath and relax because every thing is going to be just fine. Muslim terrorisist are going to get counselling. They were just so damned angry! Well, no wonder, what with girls on the beaches and people walking around with dogs, who wouldn't be ready to explode in righteous rage?

OK, so it might take a while to sort out the details about this anger management business. Till then, just dress up the pooch a tad, and it'll all be fine. And ladies, try covering up your faces when your fathers take you outside. Show some respect, a little restraint, you ignorant naked sluts.

And you yobs, you quit that drinking beer! And no more vilifying! And start going to the mosque and paying more jizya!

Aiwa! Your grandchildren will be Muslim!

Anger management for terror suspects

Simon Kearney

December 12, 2005 TERRORIST suspects under house arrest will be sent to anger management school, given psychological counselling and offered training and education in a bid to turn them from violence.

The federal Government is developing a program to rehabilitate potential terrorists who authorities have deemed a threat to public safety and placed under control orders.

The measures were approved last week by parliament as part of the new anti-terrorism laws and will apply to those detained without charge on suspicion that their movements should be restricted to prevent an attack.

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock believes the measures will address alienation and help impressionable would-be terrorists learn the error of their ways.

"Control orders were not just meant to be imposed as a punishment," Mr Ruddock's spokeswoman said yesterday.

"This program will help them change the behaviour that's resulted in them being the subject of a control order."

She said the program was particularly aimed at alienated and impressionable young people.,5744,17536277%255E601,00.html

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