Monday, December 12, 2005

Sarko Rocks

My mates here at the fortress tell me the post below comes from a flakey Leftist site, and that they don't think this is all good stuff. I laugh! But you decide.

Sarkozy sends for Israelis

Crowd control specialists in Paris

Sarkozy sends for Israel

Sarkozy has sent for crowd control specialists Gideon Ezra and Moshe Kadari from the Israeli security services.

These two are know as the brutal suppressors of the Intifadah in Palestine.

They will now teach the French police how to quell the rioters of Paris and Lyon.

Get ready for some live rounds coming your way.

Kill-the-kids - 9.9 ko

Right on, bro'.

1 comment:

Pastorius said...

Yes, the first order of the day is "kill the kids." The second is "Use the kids blood to make matzoh balls."

Of course, you know about Sarkozy's matzoh balls. They're Jewish, you know.

French foreign policy is run by the Jews.

etc. etc. etc.

Frickin' Islamofascist nutbags.

And, we take these peoples opinions into consideration?