Monday, December 12, 2005

Oz Yobs or Vox Populi?

Everywhere on Earth Muslims are committing murder with impunity. Muslims kill people and walk away laughing, back to the mosque to brag and plot more murders, more gang rapes, more atrocities. Outrages everywhere, from girls beheaded on the way to school; people blown apart on commuter trains in Madrid and London; school kids murdered in Beslan; People murdered in Bali for dancing and having fun; people gunned down and hacked on the streets in Amsterdam; Muslims enraged and violent over slights to the garbage poligion rampaging in Pakistan; murdering voters across Egypt and Iraq. And that's this year or so. Muslims out of control in France, swarming fences to enter Spain, committing terrorist attacks on Israel. It's endless. And at this blog we continue writing about ecofascism. Our readers might pause to ask why that is so.

Why do our filthy politicians continue to claim that Islam is a religion of peace, a great religion that holds the same values we have, and that Islam is not a violent fascist poligion, its adherents a mass of crazed primitive killer savages made mad by the intoxication of hate and triumphalism? Why is there a division between the people and the state to this wild and incredible extent? Who can believe the shit coming down from on high? Politicians, media hacks, uni. prof.s, the lot of the idiot Left blame all problems on capitalism, imperialism, on America and Israel, on racism on the Sun being in Uranus.

Australians are taking to the streets to bash some Muslims. Is this a matter of drunken Oz yobs, or is this the result of failure of the state to fulfill its first duty of providing security for the citizens? We have gone over this issue till I am blue in the fingers from typing: there is one law for all or there is no law for anyone. No exceptions. Everyone is equal before the law, no one above, beyond, outside the law that applies to all equally. And when the law allows privilege to one over another, there is no law whatsoever. When that state occurs, Oz yobs are vox populi.

At this blog we go over the minute details daily of the history of the concepts of Left dhimmi fascism. It's arcane. It's obtuse. It's probably boring to most people. And it is the reason (in black and white) why we voice our public opinions in terms of "We are not worthy! We are all racists. We are this and that. Muslims are peaceful freedom fighters, and cetera." When we see how deeply rooted our cultural assumptions are grounded in the fascism of the counter-Enlightenment and Romantic German ideologies it becomes clear that we must say these things to be social. Those who are eco-fascists, those who come out in the millions to protest against global warming, those are the same people who will defeat any efforts to fight Islamic jihad in the West and the rest of the world. To defeat jihad we must first defeat our Left dhimmi fascists. Until we change our public opinion about what our Western world is all about we will forever hobble ourselves and beat ourselves up. When Oz yobs are the vox populi, then many in the West will condemn them as racists rather than see them as a confused and frustrated counter to Muslims and their dhimmi fascist allies acting as the tip of the spear pointing at the heart of democracy that we are baring so stupidly. We look at ecofascism as part of the world view that poisons the public mind in favor of our own defeat. Oz yobs are the peoples' voice. We look into the depths of our fascism. The yobs fight in the streets. Who can blame them?

To see what goes on in Australia and how they feel about it, please check out the link below. Our media, of course, lie to us.

Check out our friend Nilknarf below for comments from Down Under. Following that we have part of an editorial from an Australian paper, The Age.

Sons of beaches: a land girt by bigots
By Tony Parkinson
December 13, 2005

Sydney's Islamic community has blamed rabble-rousing by irresponsible radio shock-jocks for the mob violence at the weekend. Yes, but surely that's only part of the story.

Nobody would deny trace elements of racism exist in this, as in any other society. But before it becomes conventional wisdom that what this incident reveals most about Australians is a rampant redneck mentality, it is worth exploring why and how the ugly jingoism on display at Cronulla came to the surface.

Here, the NSW police may well have a case to answer.

Clearly, there has been much anxiety and tension in this part of Sydney for some years. Allegations in 2001 that Lebanese youths had specifically targeted Anglo-Australian girls for gang rape became a white-hot issue after a local Islamic leader argued the young women ought to accept some blame for their attitudes and dress sense.

This may have been the genesis of the so-called "cultural misunderstanding".

Then came the Bali bombings of 2002, which claimed the lives of six women from Maroubra. Next, a series of counter-terrorism raids on Middle Eastern families in the city's south-west. All of which coincided with the increasing menace of Lebanese crime gangs in Sydney's underworld, muscling in on narcotics, gun-running, car theft and extortion.

In November 2003, a retired NSW police detective, Tim Priest, delivered a scathing presentation to a dinner hosted by Quadrant magazine. Having worked on two National Crime Authority taskforces on organised crime, Priest warned of the risk of parts of Sydney degenerating into Los Angeles-style gang warfare unless police chiefs recanted the "softly-softly" approach adopted since the mid-1990s to ethnically based criminal gangs.

"The Middle Eastern crime groups and their associates number in the thousands," Priest went on to say, adding, controversially, that much of their violence was racially motivated. "That these groups of males can roam a city and assault, rob and intimidate at will can no longer be denied or excused. Even more alarming is that the violence is directed mainly against young Australian men or women … victims … because they are Australian."

The Lebanese gangs, he said, were ruthless in the extreme: "They intimidated not only innocent witnesses but even the police that attempted to arrest them. As these crime groups encountered less resistance in terms of police operations and enforcement, their power grew not only within their own communities, but also all around Sydney."

Priest drew a comparison with the no-go zones of inner-suburban Paris. "Police began to use selective law enforcement," he said. "In hundreds upon hundreds of incidents, police have backed down to Middle Eastern thugs, taken no action and allowed incidents to go unpunished. Again, I stress the unbelievable influence that local politicians and religious leaders played in covering up the real state of play."

In the flip side to the contentious policy of racial profiling, Priest asserted that police in NSW have tended to prosecute those who were less likely to use their ethnic background, or cultural beliefs, to hinder investigations. This kept the police out of trouble with the Anti-Discrimination Board, the Privacy Council and the internal investigations unit. But one effect, argued Priest, was to give Lebanese crime gangs the run of the streets.

Priest has been attacked as a nutter, a racist and a liar, for raising these confronting questions about cultural sensitivity in NSW policing. Pity is, his grim prophecy might now have to be taken far more seriously. And not just on the beach.


The thesis of this blog is that much of our Western intelligentsia hates Modernity. The intelligentsia are those public intellectuals from whom we get most of our public opinions. Most of us are too busy in our personal lives to trace the history of our ideas from Plato to de Maistre, from Herder to Heidegger, from Burke to Ibrahim Hooper, Karen Armstrong, and John Esposito. Most of us accept what most of us believe. Most of us believe that ecology, for example, is a good thing. Few of us examine the fascist roots and branches of ecology. Who has the time or the interest? We go along with what we hear and what we read in the news. We trust our fellow citizens. We believe that Islam is a religion of peace-- in spite of all evidence to the contrary. And we do so because we also believe a lot of other things that tie into that worldview, "identity politics," for example. And Gnosticism, which not one in a hundred among us knows the first thing about. And if we're drunken yobs on the beach and our girlfriends are being attacked by Lebanese thugs it doesn't matter what this or that German philosopher wrote 200 years ago. but it does matter to our whole Western civilization that we have some idea of why we have a police force and politicians and media and university professors telling us that it's our fault we're being attacked. That's why we go into such detail here about seemingly irrelevant things as the rise of ecofascism and philobarbarism. Our ideas come from somewhere, and when we know from where and why, then we are armed with better weapons than beer bottle and iron pipes. Knowing our histories and the meanings of our ideas gives us the weapons we need to destroy not just Islam but fascism itself.

If our readers come to grasp the fact that we in the Modern West are revolutionaries, middle class and normal people at home but world-changing revolutionaries outside it, threats to the existing orders of primitivism and savagery, systems many of our intelligentsia wish to restore globally, then we see ourselves not as those doing harm in the world but as great people who must go further regardless of opposition from outside, certainly in spite of opposition from within.

We are incredible people with the most dynamic and interesting programme ever in history. Until these past 250 years in some small areas in the West there has never been anything like our world. We are fuckin' heroes! We should be kicking ass around the world rather than curling up on the floor while Muslims and their Left dhimmi fascist cheerleaders have a go at us. We are amazing. When we see how great we truly are then we will stand up and rule the world, not just some small piece of beachfront in Australia where we're seen by the rest of the world as bigots and bullies and racists. We are heroes!

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Nilk said...

Thanks for your comments, Dag. It's amazing the contortions the pc media are putting themselves through in order to not mention the real issue. Namely the incompatibility with western mores that a lot of the apoligentsia have.

Those of an Islamic supremacist bent echo the ideas of western unworthiness, and our society and freedoms suffer.

The so-called common man is not so uncommon as the self-designated elites would think.

Look at the numbers fleeing Europe in the wake of its metamorphosis into Eurabia. The chardonnay sippers are locked up in their ivory towers.

Too bad they don't realise that towers can be knocked down.