Thursday, March 14, 2013

Iquitos, Peru: Why Vic the Canadian was f**ked-up beyond repair

Canada has to be one of the worst nations on earth to live. One could see that in Vic, the lunatic from there who wandered around the streets of Iquitos in his dirty underwear and screamed at people and howled at the moon. It's because he lived too long in Canada. Living there can do that to a normal man, and by the time Vic got to Iquitos it was too late to save him. Canada is Hell. Look what Canadian living did to Vic, and in this see why he is as f**ked-up beyond repair as he is. What happed to Vic will happen eventually to every Canadian, if it hasn't done so already:

Do not ever go to Canada. If you are there, leave now, before it's too late and you go crazy like Vic did. You don't have to go to Iquitos, but if you don't want to be a f**king lunatic like Vic, go to North Korea or Saudi Arabia where you will be safer.

Oh, you won't be better off there. They might be marginally worse. Whatever. But get away from Canada. Hurry, friend. You could be like Vic if you stay there.

Look for "Dawn on the Amazon Captain's Blog" and this story to see what happens to Canadians who don't get away soon enough:

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