Sunday, March 10, 2013

Iquitos, Peru: Dag Walker, American Writer's Prison Chronicles (Part Three)

Dag's prison chronicles.

At this point in life, after nine failed attempts to get into prison at Iquitos, Peru deep in the Amazon jungle, going to prison is just about my number one goal in life. It's not always easy to get to Iquitos, but if one were on the run, it would be nearly impossible to go anywhere safe. If one could escape from prison, where would one go?

They can't keep me out of prison for life here. There has to be a way in, and I will find it, whether I tunnel or climb or organise a mob and charge in by main force. I'll wait years if I must, but I will get into El Penal someday and then I'll be free to continue my real life as it is meant for a man. Freedom. I can hardly stand the thought of not being free. I am trapped on the outside of that terrible prison, looking at the walls and wondering how I can break through, break in, get into prison so I can live again like a free man. It's so frustrating to look at those plain concrete walls, armed guards sitting at the front of the steel gate, and see no way in.

It's my goal to enter prison at Iquitos. I'll go to prison, El Penal in the Amazon jungle.

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