Monday, December 17, 2012

Iquitos, Peru: El Shoppe de Cure-all Winstonisms

[T]he best medicine for me-- the best part of my day-- is to stop and chat up folks I know in the market; and Winston is fun to chat up, for sure.

Winston is in the cure-all medicines business at Pasaje Paquito in Belen Market....

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it. I'll bet his tienda is popular with the tourists.

Dag said...

I know that as a tourist here, even though I work and live here as a semi-resident, I love that stuff, especially bottles of Death. But the locals actually believe in the curative powers of such things, as Pasaje Paquito is testament to. The lane is packed daily with people buying herbal everything, and the witches paid to cast evil spells on neighbours, friends, and relatives do well, too, as do the others who cast love spells on the reluctant. It's the way here, magic and wonder and what we would call the need to believe. Some of us believe in Obama, so one has to wonder who's the bigger lot of fools.

Like your blog. Thanks for writing.