Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Iquitos, Peru: Curse of the Naipe Card Readers (Part Two)

The Maestro is the man at hand, and so it is that I hiked over to Belen Market to Pasaje Pauquito to get my cards read. I'm not at all impressed with conformity hippie bullshit in the Groniad, and I couldn't care less about bashing Christianity just because it's hip to be Gnostic. I'm not a believer in pomo orthodoxy. But Naipe cards, well, that's a whole nother story!

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Dag said...

The Internet connection in Iquitos, Peru, where I live at this time, is so slow I find that for the past few days I can't post anything further. Please stay tuned for my return to prison; a walking tour of Rubber Boom architecture in Iquitos, in which we will see some beautiful buildings from approx. 100 years ago; and interviews with shamans,a woman and an American hippie; and, to complete this work I will finally see and interview the ever elusive Sr. Marvin Rios, p.r. man for the Chinese government's attempts to successfully install a new sewerage system in this city. Meanwhile, there has been a major fire in the city at Belen, wiping out as many as 150 house by the river, leaving perhaps a thousand people homeless. That, in an environment so close to Hell, is something one might consider looking into if one is inclined to donation for worthy causes. To find out more about the live of Belen, please search "Belen No Dhimmitude" and see if the plight of those who survived is worth your time and money to help them survive today in the midst of ever greater hardship. I have no particular place to recommend. There are many social agencies and religious charities here because Belen is one of the most desperately poor places in South America. If you have any interest at all, you will certainly find something that resonates with you. I'll be at Belen today and will report as well as possible whenever the connection here is good enough.

Till then, and assuming this might take some time,

Merry Christmas from Iquitos, Peru.

Dag Walker.