Monday, October 29, 2012

U.S. Election, 2012: Men Who Would Shoot Liberty Valance (Part Three)

Our nation would seriously suffer from leaders such as Oedipus or Macbeth, and we can be thankful that even in this period of low character in our political leaders we do not have to endure the tragic figures of men who are in their own ways great. The deep pettiness of our current leadership is almost a relief in comparison to what we might have in higher figures, even such heroic men such as those who would shoot Liberty Valance.

As our election approaches rapidly we can hope to lose the disturbing and vile character now sitting as our president, the repulsive sociopath, Barak Obama. Clearly there has not been in our history a president as amoral and weak as this man who is driven by the spirits of the age of Post Modernist idiocy posing as intellectual sophistication. Our intellectual elite, a failed herd of mindless conformists to the utopian day dreams of the German Revolution and the eternal longing for fascism, are at this time emoting in frenzies over his disintegration as a public intellectual at their head. The so-called Left intellectuals are imploding emotionally and personally in public due to their lack of individual character, their entire world-view of political nature being based on a dead construct from the 19th century that is still a major element of the common mind, i.e. that man is a farm animal that must be herded by the wise master to doom. The intellectual Left is imploding simply because they lack individual character, having given up all pretense of self and concern for a magical remedy to fill the vacuum of their inferior vision of life. In short, the intellectual Left have found themselves personally incapable of forming positive character and of achieving intellectual mastery of the polis they seek to rule as Philosopher Kings. Our intelligentsia is one mass of second rate minds who have substituted intellectual rigour for cheap and easy ideology to make up plastic world-views that have no success in the world. Because the intelligentsia of our time comprises fools who would rule the world according to pre-made ideas, and that those ideas have no success in the world, we find ourselves with the greatest fool among them as our leader at this time, Barak Obama, President of the United States of America. This particular fool, mindless and filled with second-rate ideology, filled with vanity and petty hatreds of his intellectual superiors, this cheap loser in a nice suit, is the best the Left can do. Proof of the general failure and pathetic foundation of the Left is that Obama, their leader, would not shoot Liberty Valance. As a man, Obama is a failure. As an individual, Obama is a failure. As a person, Obama is a failure. Obama is a failure. Our nation fails because we have elected a townsman coward who would not, and who does not, shoot Liberty Valance. Obama cannot shoot Liberty Valance. He doesn't have the character to do so. He cannot rise to tragedy. He diminishes our nation and our people. We suffer.

In the gunfight between Jimmy Stewart and Lee Marvin on the dusty street of a western town in the night, Jimmy Stewart knowingly faces death by murder at the hand of Liberty Valance. Stewart has lost all things of the world that are to him meaningful, his wife, for example, and must then proceed to lose his life in a duel he knows he cannot win. His commitment to the right and the good drive him, if because of pride, to accept death over disgrace in his own mind. Such acceptance of death is heroic to some great degree. It is tragic in that he has no compelling need to sacrifice his life for others, they being cowards and fools, and he could easily justify leaving them to suffer tyranny at the gunpoint of Liberty Valance eternally. The towns folk do not deserve the sacrifice of a heroic man. Nor will his sacrifice improve the lot of the unworthy. Life will be as terrible as before, perhaps worse in that Liberty Valance will prove himself stronger than the one man willing to stand against his evil. Jimmy Stewart's death will prove to the cowardly masses that resistance is futile. Thus, Jimmy Stewart is more destructive of the public good as a hero than he would be as a coward who runs away from death, leaving at least some hope in the public sphere that another man could win the battle against evil. On 9-11-2012 Obama proved to the world and history that he has not even the egotisical drive of Jimmy Stewart.

On 9-11-2012 Obama had full knowledge that our nation was under murderous assault by the forces of evil, in this case, the rage of primitive Islam in Libya. Obama, seeing in real time via satellite our ambassador and other Americans being murdered watched for an hour before going to bed, and the next day flying to Las Vegas to raise money for his reelection campaign. Obama ran away from Liberty Valance. But, to make this disgrace all the worse, he returned and blamed his own cowardice on a man who had nothing to do with the attack in the first place, going so far as to imprison the man without hope of release. Such an act of cowardice will stain our nation's history for eternity. Such cowardice is the best one can expect from mindless conformist ideologues and self-satisfied fools as those who currently rule our nation from above, now they being in a state of emotional collapse in the bitter realisation that their theatrical performances of heroism are nothing impressive to the world of man. These cowardly fools do not even have the nerve to sacrifice their social standing, let alone their lives, to confront evil. They run from the struggle and they come back to blame an innocent man for the catastrophe of their cowardice.

At best America will replace the cowards and buffoons and mindless intelligentsia of our time with a man not much better, a man who might, if need be, stand up to be shot by Liberty Valance. This is not what our nation needs.

One must accept that the matrix of any nation is comprised of cowards and conformists who will submit to evil at any price rather than even so much as secretly support an honest man willing to sacrifice himself for the common good. The common man is despicable, indeed, in comparison to the heroic man who would shoot Liberty Valance. The common man is despicable even in comparison to the man who would vainly sacrifice his life for the common good of pride. But the common man is all we have, ultimately, the reason a nation exists, the matrix being the purpose the patrix exists for, the patrix being a bonus, as it were, a need one can live without, though poorly and eventually in a state of slavery and death. The town needs a man who will shoot Liberty Valance in the back in the dark. The townspeople will live without such a hero. But not well, and not for long.

As a murderous attack by the enemies of Modernity, i.e. our civilization, took place in Benghazi, Libya, against our embassy and our ambassador and his staff and as our president watched on satellite television, he got bored or discouraged or perhaps just plain sleepy, and he went to bed. Upon arising, he flew across the nation to raise money to finance his campaign to return to the job for another four years. What kind of man is this? This is not a man who would face the inevitable fate of an ordinary man facing a professional killer. Our president of this time is less than a coward. That he allowed our own ambassador to be raped and murdered as he watched, and then our president got tired of it and went to bed, this speaks of a nation that has collapsed and is sick to death from lack of character. That our people would even consider not imprisoning such a reckless and devious creature says more about our failure as a people than any of us should ever have to know about others, including our worst enemies with whom, ideally we should have some relationship of mutual respect for their courage if not their aims and goals. But our own people have brought to the pinnacle of power among us a vile little creature deserving of historical contempt eternally. There is a chance such a failing of the people will repeat itself in a matter of weeks. And even if such a travesty of life doesn't come about, i.e. if the heinous Obama is thrown from office if not from a high window, there will still be too many among us who would have him reign. The shame is ours that those among us would promote such an evil figure. But, we cannot rightly expel the cowardly from our nation, given that the cowardly have as legitimate a place as any good man among us. That all of us can be killed while the leader we chose chooses to sleep through it and that half the nation's people think this man is a sort of god is the pathetic nature of things that we must accept. There will always be cowards and fools among us, and they will likely always be the vast majority among us. That the lowest scum of our nation has a right to vote for their favourite scum leader and to foist such scum upon the rest of us is testament to our greatness as democrats and free men of worth. But we need not die passively while our president gets bored by it and sleeps it off. There are courageous men among us. Such men will never again be our presidents. But such men are among us, men we need, men who would shoot Liberty Valance.

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