Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Iquitos, Peru: Eat 'em Obama's mama's chocolate cookies

Now that I've seen Mrs. Obama up close and semipersonal I have a whole nother idea of what our president is all about. It took time for me to have a second look at him as a man married to a lovely lady who makes cookies and complains about fat people. But now that I see how pretty she is, how genuine is her compassion and shit, I feel that I owe it to Obama himself to see if I can find the man beneath the psycho persona he shows the public. Maybe-- and I'm just sayin'-- maybe he's a human being like the rest of us, like his lovely wife; and maybe I should vote for him even though he decided to get some sleep before flying off to Las Vegas to raise money for his reelection campaign, leaving American men to die at the hands of jihadis in Libya. Hey, he married a babe. If she were a dog, I'd give her a 'dog whistle' as she waddles past the construction site. But she's hot, so I give her a Dag whistle. "Hey, mama, I like your chocolate cookies!"

I mean, any man married to such a lovely lady as this can't be all psychopathic, can he? And even if he is the psychopath I think he is, how could any man resist eating his wife's chocolate cookies? Not me. I say, "Yummers."

That's about the worst I can do. I'm faking it. For some real hatred, see the Democrats on Palin. I should take lessons if I want to be a total scum bag, and Democrats are the ones I'd turn to first.

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